my first baking competition

my first...

Baking competition.

is that butterflies i detect fluttering around the rims of my tummy walls? was the failure last night in the kitchen a certain sign? mummy once told me that God has a way of warning his people. That when a mini incident occurs, it serves as its purpose to remind them to be cautious and wary of the future. Is that why i encountered a failure last night?

what if they don't like my cake? what if it turns out horrible? what if i trip on a step and plummet to the ground, cake at hand? *sigh*..

i think i'm nervous... *tsk*

for all those interested in checking out the event, it will be at Dempsey road's House from 11am to 4pm today. pls go down and take a look if you're ard the vicinity k? buy some lovely baked goods in support of the rainbow children's charity. won't tt be nice?

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