competitive edge

so... Who emerges crisp?

before i embark on a long epic tale about the baking competition held last Sunday at House, Barracks and Camps at Dempsey Road. Lets first take a little detour... here's my much needed preparation for the competition...


its Friday with Babe. oohh.. some quality time spent with my Babe just sets me in the mood. and since I'm already at it, i might as well make my apology. Sorrie dear for the failed trip. rest assured there will be a next time alright. Let the future unfold it slowly, dun rush.. perhaps the Lord will be a little more gracious. i love u always. Its hard to even imagine a day without you.

okie.. STOP!

now lets move on to the baking competition before u guys pass out either from the over dose of sacharine or excessive gagging. oh well... so here are some snap shots from the lovely day at house, barracks and camp. If you guys haven't gone there yet. PLS DO! the food (*nudges* especially the 7-layer pancake) looked divine!!!


everything was in a blur as organisation was a bit poor towards the beginning of the event. However, things picked up fine once the judges made their appearance. By then, my cheesecake had been standing in the sweltering heat, boosted only by the aid of the minimal air-con which proved useless with the doors of the glasshouse mimicked resturant swung wide open. Given another chance, I would have definitely done something a little different; perhaps a tart of cheese doughed puffs.

The BIG BAKE OFF! was a competition held in the name of charity with all proceeds from the bake sale and competition registration going to the rainbow children's charity. So besides being able to participate in such a wonderful event, the cause for charity was an added bonus.

The theme of the competition was 'green' meaning that at least one of the ingredients used had to be substantially green. okay.. i can all ur heads churning away already. Well, with little time on my hands, i decided to stick to the tried and tested and re-produced my green tea black sesame cheesecake; this time tasting better than ever after a little R&D. Given the time, i wld have tried my hands at an avcocado white chocolate tart or a pistachio studded cake. its reallie a pity.

The competition proceeded on with few hiccups.. the introduction at the beginning was a little intimidating for me since i've never had the penchant for public sharing. However, it wasn't that difficult after all; how hard could it get when you're talking about cakes and your passion?


On the whole, the event was alright; time was squandered at a merciless rate with the judging carried out at an excrutiating pace. Thank goodness for the company of my family members, babe and the few new frens that I've made along the way! *cheers*. all the gossip and the presence of certain celebs did brighten up the whole affair. (saw the MTV twins May and Choy at the event. Choy was a participant btw and apparently she bakes? her lime coconut cupcakes with lime curd stuffing and coconut meringue were quite good too)


With the event coming to a close at around 2pm. It was a photo frenzy moment as everyone squeezed in for last minute shots. It had a good vibe from it all; i do however suspect that it was the work of the glass of Santa Rita white wine that i had gulped down. But still, though i had no special mentions nor shot at the top prize. It felt good to be there. Doing what I liked, mingling and just hanging out with people who had the same likemindedness. A passion for baking.


Special Mentions going out to Vicki; owner of the lovely sunflower cupcakes. She's only 17!!! gawd i feel so freaking old already. see the silver whiskers growing from under my chin? *yikes!*.. do visit her sales site at . Lets stay in touch yar. Great to be around a young spirited person sometimes... hehe.

Alright that's a wrap folks...

next up, more adventures from the scrubby kitchens. hehe.

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