gifts and birthdays

Gifts and Birthdays

Brother has came back! Intact, safe and sound; from the land of drugs in abundancy and where whores line the street. you know where I'm talking about don't you.

That's beside the point.. because, most importantly, he got me a gift!!!

Macarons dragged all the way from a quaint little shop in the french provinces all the way to my door step! Gosh! i'm so happy! Now i get to taste authentic french macarons!

Hailing from a modest little shop called Maison Richard, the macarons were.. hmph.. how do i describe this.. different. Yes, indeed they were incomparable to any confections I had taken to at bakerzin, obolo, canele and even my good friend Evan's home made ones. I'm no expert in this field however the two are worlds apart. The french ones.. crunchy with little ounce of the chewy texture you find in the 'norm' ones. I highly suspect that they somehow dried out over the few days of travel. but still I have my doubts. Now i'm confused.. what are the real macarons supposed to taste like? *hmph*... i reckon I'll probably have to head down to France one day to check out the real deal. No cheating this time...

and again from the oven. here are some peeks into my week filled to the brim with baking! Somehow I can't imagine life w/o baking for the next month. Perhaps I could beg someone to lend me baking equipment during my stay in melbourne. *pleads*... I won't want to resort to stealing.. hehe.
the towering banana caramel cake perched on top of my pretty cake stand.
Glad to hear that the party-goers loved the cake.
A personalised Bailey's cheesecake for Princess Joanne. All hail!
I find it strange that orders for the different cheesecake flavors coming in pairs from seperate customers weekly. Its just a rather interesting pattern. Makes the deal a whole lot sweeter for me as well!
Can't wait till the next posting. Something magical brewing out of the oven soon!

Meanwhile, here's a little video to occupy yourself.. just for laughs!

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