the great ocean road

Journey to The Great Ocean Road (Day 1)

literally as how my cousin Trevor puts it. The past few days have been part of a crazy ass trip to the great ocean road all the way to the port campbell into a circle thru the town of Colac and back thru the queenscliffe linking up to morington peninsula and back to Melbourne. As long as this trip sounds, i shall spare you all the agony of long literary details and provide you with graphics instead! Apparently I'm having some sort of mental block now. Must be the meticulous droning of the guitar nearby, courtesy of my brother who just confessed that he is tone deaf. Good grief...

that's breakfast before we headed on the freeway. Poached eggs on toast?! heavenly.. just wish i could find eggs done this way in Singapore. Or perhaps I shld set up a cafe called poached eggs. hehe. I'm sure all the australians will be flocking there.
after breakie, we headed down to eurocar to collect our precious. they gave us a white car?!?! hmph.. possibly to ease the task of spotting the scratches in the end. *bleah*.. but still it was pretty spacious for the 3 of us.
Okay, so in our 4 days trip, no mishaps happened. Like some sort of miracle or something... haha. the rainbow at the start of the trip as we hit the coast line marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the 3 of us (all of us happen to be middle childs. haha..just a pattern i noted)

Trevor posing with the great ocean road coast line. It was cold, cold cold and the strong chilly winds didn't help much either. Freezing our pants off and holding on to our items as we trudged out was a novelty at first for the 3 of us, but towards the end of the trip, we shunned the strong blowing winds. our first stop! Split point lighthouse on Airey's inlet. The light house was gorgeous, a quiet spot on the hills which looked perfect for cuddling with a loved one. i miss you babe..

the bright skies and etherally blue clouds were gorgeous..

what did i tell you, rugged coasts, blue skies, the warm sunrays spilling on your back. We just stood there stunned by the silent yet fierce beauty of our surroundings. as we ventured furtherdown, we reached the town of Lorne.. from there after a quick trip to the information center and a mobile lunch. Bread and jam again!!? (MUAHAH) Well, just to note, food here in australia is reallie reallie expensive. Each meal averaging 10 aud at least! thats around 13 sing...EXPENSIVE! so... jam and bread! the way to go!view from teddy's lookout... and us looking out into nothingness...

a photo taken as the sun rays spread over the dark droping hills... an inspirational sight for all of us.

and finally settling in for the night at our first accomodation site at Apollo Bay. A very quiet and lonely spot along the highway. I reckon its just the winter, everyone seems to be migrating to the north to catch some sun... crazy chinese!!! But still, it provides us with cheap rates. A double room meant for 4 people spread over 2 levels! how great is that? fully equipped with a kitchen, microwave, toaster and everything! wow.. if only i got to stay there a few more days. But folks, we all know the show goes on..

Stay tuned!

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