touch down!

Touch Down!

okay, so I admit it wasn't the smoothest ride i ever had. Felt nauseous and really sick from the whole ride. The process of meditating, silent prayer and deep breathing was slow and ardous work; it lasted the entire 6 and a half hours of the way. Thinking of you did help to. Your touch, you gentle smile and your warm hugs...

Took a walk around the city alone on a cold monday's morning. It was strange, yet enlightening. Seeing the people grabbing their daily dose of caffeine. The rugged smell of coffee waffing from every street corner. I was tempted, yet my feet refused to stop; by the whole morning, i had covered almost the entire perimeter of the city centre.

Then i stopped to rest, grabbing rest in the lodge's main hall area on one of the lonely matresses. It was cold.. very cold. But my tiredness proved to overpowering, luring me into deep slumber within minutes. I woke up to a warm cup of coffee, engaged in small talk with the people of the lodge. Friendly chaps they are... very hospitable too!

The rest of the day dragged on. Accompanied my Brother on some routine affairs and did a little trip planinng with Cheryl.

The rest of the days here look exciting. I say this with wat seems the least enthusiasm in my voice. Perhaps tommorrow will be a better day. Perhaps I'm just a little too tired. Perhaps I miss him too much. Silly girl i am.

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