you must love me

You must love me...

Where do we go from here?
This isn't where we intended to be
We had it all, you believed in me
I believed in you

Certainties disappear
What do we do for our dream to survive?
How do we keep all our passions alive,
As we used to do?

Deep in my heart I'm concealing,
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away

You must love me

You must love me

Why are you at my side?
How can I be any use to you now?
Give me a chance and I'll let you see how
Nothing has changed.

You must love me

a beautiful song from the movie Evita. Orginally sang by Madonna. I prefer the version sang by Lea Salonga though. Just thought a song like this would be perfect for the afternoon.

Meanwhile i stand amongst my bakeware. Baking my head off with the sudden influx of orders. I'm ready.. yet my head shys away from the thought of not being by your side. Thanks for standing by my even during my drug allergy yesterday night that totally ruined our date and made me look somewhat similar to the Abdomination in the movie incredible hulk. Must have been scary. More scary was the silence coming from you. I wonder whats wrong... for once I'm befuddled.

I would cry too if i were him..

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