2 simple reasons to fall in love with Australia

2 Simple Reasons
for you to fall in love with Australia

1. The three-dimensional Clouds

see what i mean.. what is there not to love? grab a mat, a flask of hot coffee and a good book and you're ready to bask away in all the glory of the sun (woops.. did anybody mention the gigantic ozone hole above australia?). If not. just observe the clouds as they take different shapes with every gust of wind that comes along.

These Clouds have so much depth and focus to them that it seems like a watercolor painting with every cloud possessing a shadow of its own. Makes me just want to stop and stare.

2. Gelato!!!

Horny Caramel, Apple Crumble, Cookies and Cream, Lemon Meringue, Rocky Road, Strawberry Fluff, etc, etc

need i say more.. wacky flavors bursting full of natural flavors. I had the Honey Australian nut flavor and it was filled with the luscious flavor of honey and caramelised macademias throughout. *yummmmm*

And with gelato shops filling almost every nook and cranny of Sydney. There is no excuse not to get hold of your cold desserts. Even in winter time... to me, it just heightens the joy of eating ice-cream. Cold on top of cold, you can't beat that for sure.

so are you not in love with Australia yet?

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