I've been around Sydney..

Getting Around Sydney...

without a doubt, i would proclaim that the fastest and easiest way to get around sydney city; mode of transport: LEGS!!! hey.. its cheap too as well plus you get the additional benefits of exercise. we actually covered 13km that day walking back from star city at darling harbor all the way back to randwick! haha. everyone thought Zhiheng and I were out of our minds. Of course i do nothing to deny that... hah.

Saturday the 5th July started off with a trip to Paddington market, a famous flea market that only operates on saturdays. It was a burst of color, a bustle of activity, festive colors, interesting designs and wonderful food all within a tiny area. I totally dig the concept of flea markets here! Just wish they could have more of these in Singapore... not that they don't. But the goods there are often so unaffordable! not to mention the unbearable heat... hehe. Then again, i'm very biased. We're talking about cool weather over here folks! who could resist that?

vintage goods galore, an interesting man singing politics inspired songs 'drop the BIG ONE now'...

haha, and good food!

After grabbing my staple skinny cappucino at the nearby cafe, we headed down to the Australia Musuem. Don't look at me.. it was babe's choice!!! *holds hands up*. hehe. I attribute it to boy-like interest in fossils, dinosaur skeletons and biology. But then again, i admit it a fascinating place, containing so much scientific facts that it could send your brain into a coma if all info were to be released at one full blast. My brain definitely didn't have the capacity to store all that.

isn't that awesome!!!

my babe, the remorseful jail bird..
Following our museum visit, we took a quick trip through the city towards sydney harbor to see the harbor bridge and opera house. On the way we saw...
St Mary's Cathedrale
Sydney Sky tower
and a random pig.
and finally we arrived at the harbor bridge!!!
Contrary to belief, though these tourists spots are overcrowded with throngs of visitors from all over the land, they still are worth the visit.
With every change in scenary, every slight change in lighting or cloud cover; the harbor bridge and opera house look slightly different but ever still magnificant and picturesqure. This i can testify for after having wake up early morning 3 times a week to jog from my accomodation around the royal botanical gardens before sunrise early morning. trust me, never once did the scenary look similar. on top of that, the crispness and the cutting chill in the passing winds add a whole new level of excitment to the jogging experience... if only.. *sigh*.. lets not wish for the impossible. erm.. God... could we have snow in Singapore please? Tee hee.
lunch was at circular quay... basking in the warm sunlight... the food was glorious. Especially in such jovial company.
sausages and mash as well as his porterhouse steak.

Soon after, the sun bid its final goodbye. Drafts of blue, pink and purple filled the sky. Solomm yet cheerful in a most charming way. It was to be our final day in Sydney together before we parted. He for Singapore and I to continue on my journey for the next 16 days. And as quick as we met, we had to go our seperate ways once again...
the silence that grew between us during our walk back home was resonating with pain and loneliness. I didn't want you to go.. Just wish you could remain by my side the rest of my journey. To explore new places with me, to laugh in glee with me with every fresh sighting. But you're leaving... what should i do?
How can I just let you walk away?
Let you leave without a trace.
When i'm standing here taking every breath with you...
Thank you for spending those days with me. They were memorable and beautiful as long as they lasted. With many more to come in the future.

And as you already know, i'm writing this post in the comforts of my home after the whole trip has concluded. So yesh, reunification has occured. and i just wanna say I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

Here's a song for you guys to enjoy entitled 'Did you ever talk to God above' till now it remains one of my favourite hymm songs ever. Hope you guys like it too!

peace out.


Libby said...

You write very well.

SiHaN said...

Thank you Libby. I thought no one ever read these entries.Thanks for dropping by!