great ocean road part4

Journey to the Great Ocean Road (Finale)

so with this post, we mark the final day of our trip around the Great Ocean Road thru to Queenscliffe then to Morington peninsula and back to Melbourne. the three "Maria's" as my Kor calls us decided to save on a nights accomodation and head back to the city to catch some rest before heading back down to Dandenongs for their famous scones. Moreover the more the merrier since Kor and friend were interested to join us on the trip.

on our final day, we decided to check out the wetlands and maze at Morington Peninsula. wow.. mazes made of tall hedges. Kinda reminds me of a scene out of Harry Potter...

hmph, i got to the middle the fastest! Woots.. and was joined by this Korean Family whom i helped take a photo for. Recieved a playful slap from the youngest son. hmph.. brings me to realisation that kids now a days are indeed a little more violent than in the past. Tsk tsk..

Besides the mazes and the wetlands, there were the giant boardgames like puzzles and a lifesize chess board. we had plenty of fun playing those as well as figuring out those mindboggling puzzles. Made us feel a little stupid at points of time though... Can't believe we failed to figure out that number puzzle?!?!
the giant 'connect-four' game... my favourite game for some reasons...heh

after that. we went up to the highest point of morington peninsula arthurs seat to catch some of the sights of the bay. Evidently this was a region for the well-to-do people.. big houses with lavish drive ways line the coastline. Beautiful... Unfortunately, the rain clouds came in and shaded the entire sky. Pity though that we were unable to capture the view.

so we figured out it was time for food! lunch was at a sandwich bar... roast beef with gravy sandwich. Ultimate satisfaction.. and did i mention that beef here in australia is indeed top notch! soft and tender.. uber yummy.

then we took a walk around the town and found colorful beach houses on the sand. wow.. i can already imagine this place bustling with activity in summer...

our last stop of the day was the wildlife reservation where our two noobs get their first sighting of the koala bear! i mean like duh! since its trevor's first time here in australia. But Cheryl?!?! shame on you... hehe.

the wallabies and kangaroos were pretty friendly. prancing around the reserve.. teasing us for our food pellets that we got upon entry.

Trevor getting a taste of rejection.. *ouch*

the other animals at the wildlife reserve.. koala, emu and the lazy lazy wombat

Alright, since its a miracle that anyway be hanging on to the last word of this post. I shall jus stretch my luck a little..

next up: delicious scones and devonshire tea at Dandenongs. Stay tuned to drool...

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