a few days of love

A few days of Love

so yes, i did managed to change my internal flight to an earlier date just so to meet up with Zhiheng and friends during his stay in Sydney ( at a price of course!), but still i attribute it to God's grace. During which, i spent the best 4 days together with Babe. Though we were surrounded by company all the time, most of the time, it just felt like the world that revolved on a non-stop basis had the courtesy to slow down its pace for awhile just so that we could mingle in each others company for longer.

Together with his best friend Kengyang(who most generously put us up at his house at Randwick; many many thanks!), Tom (Babe's travelling partner) and Robin (the roommate); we took off on a crazy journey! imagine setting off on a roadtrip at 5 am in the morning only to arrive back at 9pm? the trip plan, Sydney up north to Port Stephen and then cross over west to Hunter Valley in time for wine tasting! AMBITIOUS!.. but still, nothing wets the sprits of these young boys... did i mention that we trekked up a crazy ass sanddune that resembled a ski slope?!?!

After a quick stop over at the town of newcastle for breakfast and my lifesaving coffee, we took a walk up to nobbies point at the end of town. In view of this, i was terribly in love with sydney all of a sudden. Think blue cloudless skies, the bright sunrays warming the skin in contrast to the gloomy conditions over in Melbourne. That leave little to be contested for. Furthermore the beach was a scene of serene perfection with pure white sand-dunes stretching far and wide...

It was utter bliss just walking hand in hand with him down the beach. With no eyes staring down our backs, no restrictions, no parents, and the whole entire world before our eyes...

Soon after we made our move from the area in a furious bid to stick to the schedule, we arrived at port stephen. Made a quick stop over at the visitors centre for more information before embarking on several small expeditions. the first one took us over a long distance over the white sand beaches. And i must say, it got reallie exhausted just trudging down the beaches. Especially at the pace of the eager group of guys who cldn't care less of a girls existance. at some points, i was perpetually running just to keep up the pace. *phew*.. good workout nonetheless.

The beach was beautiful, in an immense sort of way, the beach stretched out to a far point where a narrow spit connected the mainland to a nearby island that allowed for exclusive views to whales residing near the coast. Unfortunately once we were done covering the distance, the spit had disappearaed underneath the fercious currents. Stupid high-tide!

The guys again came up with an ingenious way to avoid walking the sandy beaches and decided to head up the sand hill instead and pray that we hit the connecting road outside. madness once again. the fine sand made it such a chore to walk thru. walk 3 steps and slide back 1. woah.. i was perspiring by the end of it all. and even after getting out of the wreck, we ended up having to bash thru the forests to find the track. Woah.. what do you expect from 2 army regulars. *bah*

The next part of the day was spent at Hunter Valley, a 1 1/2 hour drive across from Port Stephen. In case you guys are not aware, Hunter Valley is a very famous wine county in Australia. Home to many famous australian wineries, the weather conditions as well good soil conditions contribute to the success of the many wineries. Winter was perfect for wine tasting and i was ecstatic to be able to do so since it was a far more interesting experience being able to hear the descriptions, see the actual vineyard and then taste the wine.

Did i mention that the landscape was beautiful.. lush meadows with rows and rows of vines lining the gentle hills. It was awe-inspiring in a way.

Rosemount estate! *woots*... having actually purchased and drank wine hailing from this winery before, i was even more game on trying their produces. Then again, it was obvious that i would take a liking to the fruitier whites and sweeter dessert wines. like DUH! i'm a girl after all yar.

Best buy: 'O' from Rosemount estate. Crystal clear and producing sharp notes of fruitiness. It left a tingling sensation on my palette as it slid down my throat. OUTSTANDING! just released in 2008, i got to have the first hand at this one!!! *smiles contentedly to herself*

preceeding all the wine tasting and cheese tasting at a few wineries, we decided to call it a day since the night was approaching fast. Sunset over the wine county was again a grand spectacle with romantic colors, crimson, violet and lavendar splashed across the sky..

One blessed day had come to past. I frowned at the thought of the approaching seperation date. He pulls me close with a hug that encompasses assurance, comfort and love. I smiled, took a deep breath and basked in the glory of the setting sun; all the worrying thoughts gone with the wind.

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