Red Eye Smokehouse opens in Jalan Besar

If you're not addicted to smoking, then you haven't tried Red Eye Smokehouse - the newest kid on the block, a hipster homestead which carves up one of the city's best smoked delicacies.

Located in a leafy pocket of Jalan Besar, lies the secret Red Eye Smokehouse, it's location may be a bit off the beaten track, so do trust your nose as you're bound to find it quicker by the whiffs of sizzling fats radiating in the heavy air around its sphere of influence than by sight. The venue still retains the charm of its former life as factory grounds - it's one expansive warehouse space with polished concrete floors, white washed walls and high ceilings. Simple tables line the aisles of the room and I can just imagine throngs of happy patrons in time to come. All face down, thoroughly intoxicated by the food and the promising smells of smoky goodness. In due time...

Opened by the mastermind behind one of Singapore's most established brunch pots, the Rider's cafe; owner Jan Yeo has tons of experience under her belt. Her tenacity and eagerness to produce the finest smoked goods evident in her heavy investments in the the mammoth in the kitchen - a smoking machine imported from America with the help of Jimmy of Smoque.SG. More commonly used in BBQ competition circuits by champion pit masters, the team has got their foundations paved right. Don't judge the waiters by their simple black tees; this casually clad team are a well-trained, knowledgeable bunch and professional from top to tail.

Here at Red Eye Smokehouse, the menu is kept short and sweet. Dive in for the kill with the Beef Brisket ($15/100g) and the Pork Jowl ($6/100g); the former, complete with smoke ring will leave your heart in smithereens as you reach the ends of the tender cut. Whilst the latter, imbued with heavy smoke that had successfully perforated the fatty pork cheek, is the unanimous favourite at the table - every bite meeting a nice tender morsel that doesn't require excessive chewing. The coleslaw ($8) provides some form of tangy relief in between meaty bites, a winning combination with the onslaught of salt, smoke and juicy flesh. 

As of now, Red Eye Smokehouse does not serve desserts, unless, craft beer qualifies as sweets endings, then that they have plenty of.

With so many first-class elements already in play within a mere week or two from its opening, Red Eye Smokehouse is sure to rise to the top. You know what they say: where there's smoke...

Red Eye Smokehouse
1 Cavan Road

Operating Hours:
Wed - Fri: 5pm - 10 30pm
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 10 30pm


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