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A great waffle needs no diatribe. As long as the exterior's golden and crunchy, the gelato or fried chicken (whatever floats your boat) authentically flavoured/juicy, and the added bonus of having a kick-ass sauce; the ingredients speak for themselves. And yet, even as the emergence of new waffle types, reimagined as pizzas and waffurger push past stereotypes with their wacky toppings and remarkable condiments, its no getting past the fact that the proof is in waffle itself. The variance of options on our tiny island, allowing every man to momentarily assume the position as a waffle philiosphers; debating the merits of waffle crumb, gelato and yeast versions versus baking powder, put against the souffled forms. But in the end, as with so many things, what matter the most is how it makes you feel inside; and thankfully there's room for all styles, from buttermilk to Belgium-yeasted and even filled with macaroni and cheese. So, keep an open mind and waffle-on! Here's where to find the best, my best at least:

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1. Montana Brew Bar (1 Selegie Rd, 188306)

At Montana Brew Bar, prices are kept wallet friendly to appeal to the student crowds; it is here that you'll find the quirky Truffle Mac and Cheese Waffle ($9.50) flecked with devious bits of jalapenoes for that heady kick of spice which we've come to know and love. While I've never personally been a fan of macaroni and cheese per se, the dish scores big on the balance of moist ooey gooey macaroni with the frivolous crunchy exterior of the waffle. Served with a tiny bowl of fresh salsa on the side and more truffle powder and parmesan shavings overhead; this waffle effortlessly combines ubiquitous cafe fare and American soul food flavors together. Making this one to try.

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2. Nassim Hill (56 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Post Office, #B01-02) 

If there is on dish that I can't stop extolling about at Nassim Hill, it's got to be the Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles ($19) - this and the Hot Reuben of course. It must be fresh rashers of bacon that insinuates itself about the signature waffle batter as it hits the hot iron. A toss up of bacon aromatics and toasted cheese adding crispness of the slightly sweetened bacon, all this with MORE bacon and a side of bacon and chive sour cream. Bacon overload? - I beg to differ. In fact, if they served it with bacon infused maple syrup, this dish would be worth a million dollars.

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3. The Beast (17 Jalan Klapa, 199329)

So it's rather evident by now that I'm an anarchist when it comes to waffles, taking fancy on the savoury versions instead of the usual waffle and gelato combinations. Here's another one of those rebels.

At this Southern Kitchen, where bourbon runs freely, the menu sticks intently to its Southern comfort roots. Look past the Shrimp and Grits and order the #OutofThisWorld Fried Chicken and Waffles instead. 24-hours buttermilk chicken, waffles with yeasted centers and a jar of magic bourbon maple butter sauce on the side. You're guaranteed many future craving-led-meetings with your new drug dealer. The Beast.

4. Shrove Tuesday (94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-32, 310094)

photo credits: sgfoodonfoot.com

Shrove Tuesday, a hole-in-the-wall heartland find, promotes frivolity and indulgent times, starting with their yeasted waffles which takes a lengthy 3 hours for the batter to be waffle-iron ready. A good amount of malty sweetness is coaxed into the crispy beauty, plush balls of ice cream flavors (all made in-house) grace the top and finished with a dribble of chocolate sauce diagonally across its grid. Like so much of the sweet offerings at Shrove Tuesday, the final product's seeming simplicity is deceptive. I would highly recommend the roche as well as the blacks sesame gelato flavors to rock your waffle, with flavors constantly changing, you'll be spoilt for choice almost every time.

5. Roosevelts Diner and Bar (331 New Bridge Road, #01-02, Dorsett Residences, 088764)

And finally we arrive at the pinnacle, the Brioche French Toast Waffle at Roosevelt's Diner and Bar; from what I've heard so far, opinions fall into a great divide - you either love it or hate it. Fortunately for me, my allegiance to Roosevelt's is permanent and I'm rewarded with this outstanding waffelised French toast.

To set the bar straight, if you love your yeasted waffles as compared to the more commonly found baking powder leaved versions then you'll find this extremely satisfying. Picture, a soft buttery brioche laced with amaretto syrup and pressed into a searing hot waffle iron till it surrenders with brown grilled marks slashed across its sweet frame and rounded crisp edges; the centers still retaining that spongy integrity. Top it off with a hefty scoop of silky vanilla ice cream and a torrent of delicious house-made berry compote and you've got a winner in your hands.

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Hot off the Waffle Iron

Restaurants and cafes are popping out like SG50 babies in Singapore, and its no different with the waffle vendors. Here are some new-ish joints that we're looking to suss out for their waffles soon!

1. Clinton Street Bakery Company (31 Purvis Street, 188608)

credits: Sarah Shaker

From NYC's Lower East side to Singapore, the iconic Clinton St Baking Company washes up on Purvis street with a huge amount of media attention in tow. Try their famed fluffy pancakes with warm maple butter of their buttermilk biscuit sandwich. As for me, I've got my eyes set on the Chicken and Waffles, the uncanny salty-sweet combination of buttermilk fried chicken with crispy Belgian waffle and honey-tabasco sauce giving the classic combination an unforgettable kick.

2. Five by Five (9 Sin Min Road, #01-03, Thomson V One, 575630)

credits: Burpple
The same folks behind the now-defunct November 8 in Upper Thomson have opened Five by Five. Decked out in a sea of white and with loads of natural lighting to boat, this space has the propensity to be popular amongst cafe-hoppers and the Instagram community alike.

Being relatively new, the cafe has a few teething issues to deal with, some of which involve complaints of icy textured ice cream and unevenly cooked waffles? Fret not.. time heals all wounds. We will be back to make our verdicts in the near future.

3. Archipelago Creamery (Nanyang Community Centre, 60 Jurong West st 91, #01-09, 649040)
Photo Credits: Lance
Founded and operated by a team of ice cream and pastry chefs, its no surprise that everything including the waffle batter, pastries and ice creams are made from scratch. A very close-to-heart theme of nautical runs in all designs throughout the blue and white space, setting the tone for suitable chill out sessions.

The signature Shibuya toast is a pot of gold at the end of a fat-filled rainbow. Tuck into their choice of butterscotch waffle or charcoal waffle to be enjoyed with a decent selection of quirky ice cream flavors.

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