DOMVS @ Sheraton Towers: A Seafood Fête from Norway

An email popped up in my browser, 'A Seafood Fete from Norway...' and instantly I was sold. Big Whoop! No ways I was letting a fresh seafood catch slip through my fingers. The potential mercury poisoning stemming from the copious amounts of pippies, oysters, cod, turbot and flathead I've consumed during my last few days in Australia, not holding me back as I indulged in a full-fledged seafood fiesta courtesy of the kind folks from Sheraton Towers. 

From 1st Nov to the 8th Nov, Sheraton Towers Singapore in collaboration with Guest Chef Markus Peter Dybwad, from Norway will present a Norwegian seafood extravaganza, riding the delicacies of various Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified produce to cook-up culinary excellence. This demonstration will be displayed over at DOMVS, the Italian restaurant (1-4 Nov) and The Dining Room (5-8 Nov) through specially curated menus.

Just a general insight into the delicacies that would be available over the short course of 8 days - Definitely worth a shot are the canapes that make its' peacock debut at the buffet line of The Dining Room. My favourites being the hamachi and scallop sashimi as well as the Smoked Mackerel canape. In fact, give me a dozen of these and I would be a happy camper.

Since the seafood is above-the-fold story, let's start there. The Lobster Bisque perforated with meanderings of spice and woodsy paprika spins a headline. Try as I may, I spooned my way through the soup politely at first, in appreciative slurps, then gradually threw myself at the liquid gold, with reckless abandon, till there was nothing left.

The Salmon Trout Carpaccio is a well executed dish, the hints of horseradish, the bejeweled bursts of brine from the roe and the slight bitterness of the salad leaves elevating the fresh fish to absolute stardom.

A dish that took many by surprise was the Atlantic Cod with Polenta and Sage jus, unadulterated pleasures as little was done to the fresh bacalao salt cod. Gently poached in milk, the opaque flesh procured hints of brightness stemming from the secret lemon peel pieces in the poaching liquids. Super lover alongside creamy polenta, which I confess to having too much of and a savoury jus which provided just a slight bit of bovril edge to enliven the simple dish.

We exchanged final pleasantries with the dessert Panna Cotta with Lingonberry and Sago , a perfect blend of spices, star anise, cloves and cinnamon, spiked by coffee milk crumb to battle that inherent sweetness of the milk pudding. The lingonberry dispersing bitter sensations to amp up the sweet experience. Definitely one of the more engaging desserts I've had in a while.

For more information on the Seafood Fete from Norway, head on over to for more details.

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Daily: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 6 30pm - 10 30pm

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