The Benjamins: More than just milkshakes

If you haven't heard of The Benjamins Cafe in Forum Shopping Center, I'm going to say this... Where have you been?!? Not that the Benjamins has a sterling menu but if you're even present on Instagram, you would have caught a glimpse of these outrageously over the top, extraordinary milkshakes that threaten to fill up every inch of your square frame. 

For most of us, a trip to The Benjamins would be a group of friends huddling over a couple of these babies, but I was bent on trying their food, especially after sipping on an outstanding mug of  cappuccino made by owner, Pearlyn. There must be more to it than meets the eyes. The burgeoning queues snaking its way around the corridors of the shopping mall urging me to warm my seat a little more.

The Benjamin's Ocean plate ($26) is a good place to start. The presentation clean, simple and immaculate - salmon cooked to a perfect pink in the middle flanked by a poignant garlic cream sauce and saffron rice. I hearsay the dish changes according to the freshest catch available in the kitchen, so don't be distressed when your order arrives at the table looking a little divergent.

The Benjamin Burger with bacon, eggs, cheese and mushrooms ($25) is passable. Mmm, to be exact, its a satisfying sandwich, nothing wrong with that. Components stuffed in between buns were good, albeit separately spirited; not much thought put into its overall construction. Below par, is their Sizzling Beef Chunks ($25), sure, your face lights up at the melodramatic spurts and sizzles of the protein on the hot plate, but the beef cut used was poor, incredibly chewy and the steak lacerated into a variation of dishevelled shapes and sizes was a slipshod affair at dressing up its lousy provenance.

French duck confit sandwich ($26)

Instead, turn your attention to the Canadian Pork Chop ($25). Yes, this is what its about. Forget about everything else on the menu and just order this (or the ocean's plate) when you're here. Cooked to tender perfection, the pork chop, imbued with a slight smokiness from the grill sits on a bed of fluffed up sweet potato mash. Apart from the over gregarious seasoning on the chop, there were no major grievances, and everything else was deserving of my stamp of approval. All that and the affordable $25 dollar price tag of course.

What's a trip to The Benjamins without a milkshake?  A certain sense of depravity leading to gluttony as the 4 of us took to 3 different over the top milkshakes. In order of preference, here they are, the Avocado Coffee Milkshake ($16), Thai Milk Tea Milkshake ($16) and finally the Old School Vanilla Milkshake ($16) - instant diabetes. The former pulling way ahead of the pack with its mild case of balance from the bitterness of the espresso shot with the complex grassy notes of avocado. A match made in heaven represented in all its glory, I must say. One last thing, if you're impartial to sugar, then you might want to give this all a miss. 

The Benjamins
583 Orchard Road
Forum Shopping Center
Singapore (238884)

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10  30am - 9pm
Fri - Sat: 10 30 am - 9 30pm
Sun: 10 30am - 9pm

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