Blue Label Pizza: we don't stay for desserts, because the pizzas robbed us of our tummy real estate

We fall utterly silent, albeit for the appreciative hums that escape our lips between bites. It's a ferociously interesting night out with the boy, and based on all the delicious rumours that were circulating about this basement joint; we were half anticipating the night to cumulate in a smack down of exhilarating flavors. And boy weren't we disappointed.

Cards on the table: if you're an ardent food bore in search of groundbreaking cuisine, don't bother - you'll sneer. Instead, Blue Label Pizza is the sort of place that is embraced by the pizza-loving hipsters and the inebriate - wine selection is pretty decent. Traversing a gentle slope down the alleyway, you'll be greeted by neon lights that dispel diner vibes, but proper timber work and high banquette seating does make for a proper restaurant, in a very New York sort of way. You would half expect to find a bunch of intoxicated chefs totter out with filming crew in tow. Munchies Nights out live for spaces like this.

It's 9 30pm on Saturday night and the restaurant is filled to the rafters, with blonde-tressed well manicured males slouched over table tops, passing lecherous stares at the freshly baked pizzas. With them, the occasional Asian girl work colleagues who attempts to pull her weight in dough consumption. It's awfully tough trying to be Girl Bro material, trust me. Good hospitality doesn't have to be pretentious or aimed at foreigners. Blue Label Pizza is a nice place to be, if you're looking at entertaining a group. Point to note, those high chaired banquette seating can be quite barbarous on the tush after awhile, so call ahead to reserve the lower communal tables.

We ate perfectly hooking pieces of Chicken Wings ($14 for 6, $28 for 12) flanked with a dish of blue cheese ranch dressing. Charred just a little, it is a satisfying alignment of sesame seeds, sticky glaze and fall of the bone tender flesh.

Looking deeper into the pedigree of the restaurant, you'll realise that the joint has excellent culinary backing. The brainchild of American chef, Travis Masiero who also helms Luke's - famous for its burger has transformed his masterpiece into an open faced work of art and it became apparent that there was no escaping that order.

The Travis Supreme ($31) is a revelation in intense flavor matching. Combining ground chuck mini patties, special sauce, cheddar bacon melt and ice burg lettuce on long fermented (takes 2 days to translate from raw ingredients to the final baked disc) sesame crust to emulate that quintessential sesame burger bun experience. They anoint themselves to be the best pizza in Singapore, brazen, surely. But as of now, no pizza (as inventive) in the land can hold a candle to this one.
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I love Blue Label Pizza dearly, and for no reason more profound than you're guaranteed a gut-busting foodie experience. Here is something that feels like wistful cuddles rather than customary smooches, it's warm hearted, and I, for one, can't wait to return.

Blue Label Pizza
28 Ann Siang Road
t: 98219362

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 12pm - 2pm; 6pm - 12am
Sun: Closed

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