Lewin Terrace: Ichigo Delight Strawberry Dessert Buffet

Perched on top of Singapore's iconic Fort Canning Park and surrounded by lush greenery is Lewin Terrace, a Japanese-French fusion fine-dining restaurant housed in a historic building.

Lewin Terrace has introduced the Ichigo Delight Strawberry Dessert Buffet, which features a wide range of desserts made from Chitose strawberries, which are the best of its kind.

Stepping into the beautiful verandah and on wooden flooring temporarily made me feel like I was teleported to another world. The gorgeous interior, making my day even before I had begin indulging in the buffet.

The pastel pink buffet spread was too pretty to resist further, and I dived in quickly. I picked out the Strawberry Chiffon, baked Cheesecake, Strawberry madeleines and a choux puff for starters.

The Chiffon was light and airy but lacked a distinct strawberry flavour. The Baked Cheesecake had a light cheese flavour and was not too sweet. I enjoyed how the cake was not too dense and was served in a small portion which made the consumption enjoyable but not too overwhelming. However, I personally thought that some stronger strawberry elements could have been incorporated into the cheesecake for a more unique flavour profile and better in line with the theme. The Madeleines were delicately molded into bite-sized heart shapes, topped with strawberry jam in the middle. Slightly denser than the usual, the combination felt a little clumsy. However, the jam being very full on in terms of strawberries walked a tight rope of fragrance and sweet nothings. As a huge fan of choux puff, I was excited to try one filled with strawberry cream. These did not disappoint, the fluffy packages instantly sending me straight to cloud nine. 

Onto round 2, I requested for a Strawberry Ice Cream from the friendly waiters and paired it with a Strawberry macaron I got from the buffet table.

The presentation of the ice cream was non like any other i've seen before. Served in a "fish-bowl" with thinly sliced strawberries carefully placed on the circumference of the bowl, the ice cream was enclosed in a jelly like form. Slowly working your way through the dessert, it becomes evident that the ice cream is delicately home-made with tremendous effort involved. 

As with many good macarons retailing in the market, I personally feel that a good macaron has to be one which is not too sweet, have crunchy yet light shells and a substantially creamy filling. The macaron hits all the right spots but the filling particularly worthy of a mention. I enjoyed how the filling had strawberry bits and a good cream to strawberry balance. The entire macaron was cohesive and a pleasure to consume. I found myself engulfing the entire macaron quickly and reaping the sweet benefits of it entirely.
Apart from the aforementioned, the Ichigo Buffet offers a wide variety of other Strawberry based desserts such as Creme brûlée, white wine berry jelly, strawberry Swiss roll and many more. Strawberry lovers, head down to Lewin Terrace during lunch from Tuesdays to Fridays to catch the deal before it expires on the 30th April.

Lewin Terrace
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Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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