Caffe B celebrates its new location on Club Street with a Spankin' New Bar Bites and Drinks Menu

After six years at Marina Bay Sands, Caffe B has recently moved to 64 Club Street and introduced a brand new menu in light of its relocation. Helmed by Executive Chef Masanao Saito, the restaurant bar offers diners a melting pot of Japanese-Italian dishes with a very unique spin. We had the chance to sample some of their new bar bites and drinks and for the most part of it, were smitten.

After perusing the extensive drink selection, I went for the Berrytini and was pleasantly surprised. On first sip, the drink tasted nothing close to an alcoholic one. It was extremely sweet, with strong fruity bursts and delightful berry scents. For someone with a low tolerance for alcohol, I found myself working through the glass with ease. The effects of the alcohol only kicking in later in the night but that was nothing to get squeamish about.

It is food to rescue as we searched for something to numb that dull thudding. When it came to deliberating the bar bites, my favourite was the Hiroshima Oysters. The oysters were easily the biggest and juiciest oysters I've ever laid eyes on. I was initially a bit sceptical about this one and was worried that its humongous size would lead to a certain dilution in flavor. Lo and behold, these turned out to be incredible. The Wasabi foam and yuzu dressing working to mask the brininess whilst the ponzu jelly added texture to the one bite wonder.

A close second was the Tuna Vol-au-vent. Decked on crispy puff pastry discs, fresh tuna slices are first tossed with ponzu jelly and truffle salsa before being topped with apples, wasabi foam and dried nori. This was a layered textbook of flavors with the strong truffle scent kicking in first, followed by the spiciness of the wasabi, then the sweetness from the ponzu jelly and finally the umami-fied seasoning of the tuna. Once you pop, you can't stop.

The Farmer's Egg gets a worthy mention. Carrying great finesse in its presentation, a perfect onsen egg is enveloped in clam foam, kombu seaweed and topped with the luxurious sea urchin. Carrying a hefty price tag of $12 per egg, it definitely raised expectations and boy were we not disappointed. The components were a melodious combination despite it being grounded by several rich and creamy ingredients. An exclusive take on the commonplace egg, I believe that uni lovers will love this one.

The Cured Fresh Salmon on Cracker sounds pretty typical, except that these were served with caramelised onion mousse on buckwheat crackers. The mousse is light and airy with a distinct piquancy of onions. The clever use of dill and lemon really elevated the dish and balancing out the fishiness of the salmon.

For something a little more substantial, diners might want to give the Cordon Bleu a go. Perfect golden brown wedges are topped with prosciutto ham. The savouriness of the mozzarella combined with the non-identifiable fillings of crab, fish and prawn are perfect in tandem to the crispy bread crumb coating.

The Beef Tenderloin Maxim is another great choice. Sauteed beef is served with veal jus, escargot butter and rosemary. While the escargot butter was very light in taste and the use of rosemary had very little impact on the dish. The overall doneness of the beef made up for it - it was tender, juicy and easy to chew.

A ubiquitous pub grub snack would be the Chicken Wing... and they do it cajun style here which involves a spiced batter encasing juicy flesh.

The Slow Cooked Pork Belly is served with ponzu dressing, spring onion sauce, shredded chili pepper and lemongrass. Sufficiently tender and thoroughly seasoned, the ponzu dressing brought a slight sweetness to the pork while the lemongrass enhanced the overall fragrance of the dish. Unfortunately the pork rinds proved a little too tough to swallow and word of advice is for you to remove it before attempting to chew.

Overall, Caffe B is definitely a notch above the rest in terms of its bar bites and drinks. Diners in the area looking for a place to unwind after a long day will not be disappointed by Caffe B's selection and quality.

Caffe B
64 Club Street

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 2pm - 12am
Sun: Closed

Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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