SPRMRKT goes Vietnamese: From Street Food to Fine Dining

Just 10 more days to get your hands on some of the specials at SPRMRKT (both McCallum Street and Robertson Quay outlets) as the kitchen folks pay tribute to the 45th year of harmonious Singapore-Vietname diplomatic rapport, with their debut cultural showcase "SPRMRKT Vietnam". Dedicated to showcasing the best of what Vietnam has to offer, the kitchen have dished out fresh interpretations of Vietnamese classics, Bahn Mi? Beef Pho? Banh Xeo? Yes, if you can't afford the trip up North, the daily specials is as close as you can get to actually living the sun, sea and dusty street-life of Vietnam and all its glory.

Monday - Chicken Meatball Salad ($9.80+)

Looking to start off the week on a healthier note, this fits the bill perfectly. Turmeric infused chicken tsukune balls are illustrious little mounds that provide that extra textural play edge to the Vietnamese bun rice noodles and pickled vegetables salad. Almost nude save for fish sauce dressing and fresh herbs, this is a true representation of Vietnamese cuisine - raw, unadulterated and nutritious.

Tuesday - Banh Mi ($8.90+)

One bite in and I'm completely enamoured by the baguette loaf, crunchy exterior giving way to porous chewy innards that provide just the right vessel to transport the double-sieved chicken liver pate and pan seared spam, double whammy, into one's mouth. The pickled vegetables are the remarkable bits, the vinegared profile breaking up the rich amalgamation.

Wednesday - Seared Fresh Shrimp Rolls ($7.80+ for 2 pieces)

Ugly and deliciousness are often intertwined. It cant be more true in the Seared Fresh Shrimp Rolls served up on humpday. Shrimp, lardaceous bits of pork crackling, rice vermicelli and fresh lettuce come together in seamless harmony, all wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. A nice sear lends the unassuming classic a refreshing chimera of textural play, the heat spilling forth even more umamified notes of flavor from the hidden nodules of pork crackling.

Thursday - Vegeterian Bahn Mi ($7.80+)

As reviewed earlier, the baguette loaf is the perfect foil to this boat of vegetables. I love the delightful spikes of heat from Sriracha mayonnaise as it cascades around pieces of deep fried tofu, homemade tempe and piquant pickled vegetables. The pickled beetroot standing out, with punches of earthiness amidst the fresh collaboration.

Friday - Deep-fried Stuffed Chicken Wings ($12+ for 3 pieces)

Filled with minced pork, water chestnuts, vermicelli, carrots and onions. These plump wings are deboned for your eating pleasure. It's Friday after all, and you know you deserve a treat.

Make sure to get in on the Jasmine IPA by Pasteur Street Brewing. Nothing like a cold one to celebrate the weekend.

Saturday - Beef Pho ($9.90+)

This is one of the better iterations we've had of this ubiquitous dishes on local shores. Rich beef broth is a labour of love, enriched by mire poix, beef tripe and flank, it comes seasoned with a gentle hum of soy sauce and sugar. Chock full of plump tripe, fresh beef slices, succulent brisket and beef balls, it's a mess of a dish, built on the intent of flushing out those toxins that have sneakingly found their way into your system from the night before. (we know...)

Sunday - Banh Xeo ($10.80+)

And the best things are left for Sunday. Not so common, the Banh Xeo literally translated to 'sizzling cake', coined after the loud sizzling sound it makes when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet. Here, the Vietnamese savoury crepe overflowing with everything from bean spouts to pork crackling, crispy calamari and drizzled with garlic aioli lends itself to the fantasies. This delivers the lunchtime pleasures that sees you yielding to chocolate temptations afterwards. The Flourless Marou Chocolate Cake with lemongrass anglaise ($9.00+) - I don't have room to rhapsodise how good it was.. but look ma, empty plate.

Aside from the daily specials, look forward to a whole weekend of Vietnamese inspired food-centric activities at SPRMRKT. Get your party hats on and rock out of your pyjamas!

This Friday, 16th March - SPRMRKT will be transformed into 'Little Vietnam', serving up a moreish array of contemporary Vietnamese street food prepared by Vietnamese-American guest Chef Peter Cuong Franklin. Expect Viet-inspired pizzas and barbecued meats along with thumping beats of classic Saigon rock and soul. Each dish range from $8-$12 and coupons valued at $30 nett will be sold on the event day.

The next day, spend your afternoon with Chef Peter as he talks you through the methodology of the unique Banh Trang Tron salad  ($30++ per person) or tuck into a 4 course, 4-hands brunch featuring Vietnamese inspired bistro classics ($68++ for the 4 course brunch) -  we hear there's Lobster pho and Hanoi style egg coffee dessert! Last but not least, for the late risers, the Takeover Dinner by Guest Chef Peter Cuong Franklin ought to float your boat. For one night only, experience what it would be like to dine at Anan Saigon as Chef Peter crafts out a 7 course dinner employing unique Vietnamese ingredients, some of which are hand-carried by the Chef himself. Complete your night with a glass of Rhum Belami, Vietnam's first premium handcrafted rum made in the tradition of Martinique rum using native ingredients such as pepper from Phu Quoc. Thirsty for more information? Head on over to SPRMRKT Vietname: From Street Food to Fine Dining events page for more details.

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