GRUB at Bishan Park: Messing with expectations

Are you looking for the best burger in Singapore? Because, if you're turning to GRUB for the solution, you're at a dead end, my friend. 

Having heard notorious news about the snaking queues that build as a result of the no-reservations policy implemented at this place, we arrived a few minutes after 6pm, got cosy on our outdoor benches; only to be greeted by the wide eyed doggy stares from other pairs attempting to saunter in, followed by larger rowdier groups praying for a dash of luck in the waiting game.

GRUB is a high volume joint set in a luscious neighbourhood of draping willows over greenish lakes and the panting joggers that come along with that sacred bit of nature in our concrete jungle. Manage the heat with some thirst quenchers, the BrewDog Dead Pony Club ($10) and Thatcher's Gold Cider ($13) are good options for respite against the humidity.

Get past the contemplation stage and follow your gut. It's the burger that you want. But the real question is.. does it deliver? 

A suspiciously short 5minutes later, the juicy raucous mess arrives on a wooden slab. There is the GRUB double cheeseburger ($18) all ready for its Instagram close up, it is handsomely arranged. fashionably austere in its expertly crafted layers and towering construction. A twist of the stabbing pick reveals a nasty squish of bread; the bottom bun not holding up to the juiciness of the patties. And that situation arising despite the overall dryness of the buns from perhaps doing overtime on the grill sans a protective layer of buttering. Discrepancies were highly evident, the lower patty showing a ticklish pink shade whereas the top starring in 50 shades of grey. At this point, I had my qualms about the burgers being cooked to order. A slight mineral taste accompanied the patties as though they have been frozen a good long time and thawed speedily. Needless to say, this didn't quite make my top 10 list.

The other most Instagrammable offering from GRUB is the Crispy Fish Burger ($14) hake fish and an accompanying remoulade (tar-tar sauce).  The lemon like bite in the sauce acting as a welcome ray of sunlight breaking into this rather mundane one noted dish. I was so disenchanted by this uninspired plate that I doubt it could even challenge a 13 year old's palate. Did I mention the soggy fries we got?

Despite it's poor performance, GRUB exacerbates the feeling that it is loved by all, especially since the restaurant was packing in the crowds early in the evening on a Thursday night. Perhaps the other mains served at dinner hold higher promises; but for now, I can only exhibit a certain level of enthusiasm for the energy, vibes and fantastic service standards at the restaurant. Not sure whether a repeat visit is in the works.

GRUB at Bishan Park
510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Singapore 569983

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