L'espresso @ Goodwood Park Hotel: a living legacies

High tea has never ever been on my agenda despite it's retained popularity among my countrymen these days. It's subliminal links to gluttony and unnecessary luxury (both of time and material in the form of expensive silverware) has more often than not impeded me from indulging in such a meal format. However this time around, with an invitation extended, I proceeded to cross my legs and prep for some tea sipping, pinkie sticking out action.

L'Espresso has been churning out some of the best high tea experience in Singapore since the late 1960s. With such long historical references to boot and  a dining room packed full of hungry patrons to feed. I was certain that I had stumbled upon 'a real deal'.

From petite finger sandwiches to the more hearty stews for the famished; L'Espresso's spread has it all covered. I started off with a plateful of delectable sandwiches and wraps. Word of advice: avoid the croissant which may be a tad bit dry and dive straight for the Slow Cooked Farm chicken in Crepe. Tender, supple pieces of poached chicken wrapped in a thin savoury crepe. Right up my alley. Also, give the Nicoise Tartlet with Tuna Tataki a go; a moreish bite of palatable food.

And as you move along the counter top, you'll have a face-off with the fried food station. For those planning to give this a miss, I implore you not too as L'Espresso does an excellent job of this station. It's Mini Fish Goujons and Mini Karaage fried to perfection with supple innards and beautifully seasoned outer coatings; the goma sauce on the side providing a magnificent pairing.

Not to be missed are the scones from Goodwood Park Hotel. At L'Espresso, it's the details that elevate this humble tea time treat; the freshly muddle raspberry compote for example. We picked an assortment of jams and fresh fruits to accompany the Blueberry Scone; and with that, I still remain convinced that this reigns supremacy as one of the best scones I've had in Singapore thus far. Truth.

For something a little more substantial, L'Espresso has newly introduced the Black Forest Ham and Rosette Salami. It's good but nothing spectacular. Relish instead in the deliciously rich and salty Braised Kurobuta Pork with Hungarian Sweet Paprika, served with brioche on the side to wipe up the 'chap', it didn't take much persuasion for me to return back for second servings. The Smoked Salmon with herbs and breadcrumbs on the other hand disappoints with it's flaky and dried out state, exhausted from its long hours under the sunbathing lamps overhead.

Desserts are aplenty at L'Espresso; but like any buffet spread there are severe hits and misses. The downfall of it's sweet offerings probably attributed to the incorrect storage temperatures that lead to a strange translation of flavors in the mousse-like desserts and a weird mish-mash of textures. Some of my favourites include the Tiramisu Cake, Creme brulee and the Bread and Butter Pudding.

Ice Cream anybody?

High tea at L'Espresso comes with 2 servings of coffee or tea (from my beloved ex-company TWG teas). If sitting all straight backed and indulging in petite fare is your thing, then dining here may prove irresistible with charges only set at $45 per adult and $22.50 per child.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singpore 228221
Tel: +65 67301743

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