Seasons Bistro: Seasonal based Cuisine in the heart of Orchard

Seasons Bistro located at Triple One has given residents a new neighbourhood place where they can have a really simple meal, or, when they feel like it, something more extravagant.

It's name conveniently convenes it's principals, "seasons" touting it's homage to a seasonally driven menu with constantly changing fare showcasing the freshest ingredients; "bistro"  speaking volumes about the affordability of it's offerings. Executive Chef Benjamin Fong is the man responsible for flicking the dust off traditionally dearly priced seasonal menus, focusing mainly on the multifaceted American cuisine, with influences from Canada, New England, Mexico and the cosmopolitan New York City. 

The menu is sprinkled with strange and contemporary choices geared for the curious diner. Lunch time sees a value-for-money set menu priced at the affable $12.99 for a choice of soup, main and coffee/soft drink (add $5 for a choice of desserts), a penny pinchers dream come true. With dark wood finishes and sleek varnished counter tops, bringing a company function to its midst now seems like a viable and slightly classier option. 

I went ahead with the set lunch. Opting for the soup of the day for starters. The potato and leek soup probably doesn't sound like a bell ringer, however its deliverance was stellar. Clean flavors without the distracting chunks of potatoes nor irrelevant carrots, as most cafe renditions are, you would expect to taste a tinge of raw starch from the mindless cooking; that wasn't the case at Seasons Bistro.  A technically sound bowl of soup that saw my spoon clanging the bottom of the dish eagerly.

My main came in the form of a Cobb Salad; an uncomplicated marriage that is signified on the menu by sans-serif lists of ingredients, with no capital letters, verbs, articles or hint of how one relates to the next; yet miraculously it does... and all to well. The main-dish classic American salad isn't as straightforward as it seems. It has some rock and roll in its trousers. Cajun spiced chicken grilled till spot on, boiled eggs with a slightly soft center, crisp bacon bits, black olives, corn, watercress and tomatoes strewn the plate. While the salty blue cheese marries mixed greens and creamy avocado, the result conceived is a perfect combination that presents different flavor dimensions and textures with each bite. My only gripe would have to be the beans which I have uncanny biasness towards.

Not everything is fine and dandy; the service needs improvement and the sprawling space doesn't ultimately work in its favour during a busy lunch service as our plea for desserts to be brought out was lost in translation. 

Mishap aside, Seasons Bistro does have the capacity to titillate its guests, by not dishing out over complicated cuisine but tastes good enough to leave you rubbing your belly at the end of the meal. I pray that with the constant reminder of the establishment's name overhed, the chef never loses sight of the bistro's identity. 

Season's Bistro
#01-11/12, TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164

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