{The Entertainer App} Third and Sixth: Burger Flop

"Smashing burgers", that phrase alone was enough to send me on a wild goose chase to Third and Sixth with that one intention in mind: to eat some burgers.

Capitalising on the hungry and the thirsty crowds that populates the raffles city area, Third and Sixth pairs a stripped out decor and a laid back atmosphere with bang-for-buck food and drinks. A winning combination as proven by the steady stream of diners that poured into the restaurant on a balmy Wednesday night.

The deals change daily and you can probably score some savings depending on your preferences; take for example the Tuesday Beer+Burger combo for $20 nett or the 1-for-1 martinis on Wednesdays. 

But the real question is, how do the burgers measure up?

Using our Entertainer App, the S and I scored a 1-for-1 main course deal at Third and Sixth (more information on a special promotion on the One-Month entertainer app to be found at the end of this post.) 

The Clockwork ($15) is a 150g homemade Australian grain-fed beef patty with sauteed mushrooms and melted  Swiss cheese in between two buns. This doesn't impress, declaring itself to be more ellipsis than an exclamation point. The patty itself, a sad, overly tough affair that needed for texture and flavor whereas the cheese could have used a little more time under the grill, it's charred top revealing the hand of an impatient chef.

Equally lackluster is the Ram-Lee burger ($15), a play on the classic Malaysian street food, Third and Sixth's rendition comes nowhere close to the versions I got to sample during my last visit to KL. The same under seasoned patty with a dollop of cheese sauce (masquerading as a specially concocted sauce), then wrapped in a huge omelette is placed between two sesame buns. While the dish sounds good in theory, the patty offers little flavor while the sauce turned out to be a gloppy mess. 

Dining at Third and Sixth was unexceptional and not particularly memorable, but with such reasonable prices and Macs Great White on tap, you can't complain.

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Saving money couldn't be easier with that many merchants around the island extending their 1-for-1 deals to the purchasers of The Entertainer App. Some of my favourite places include Bedrock Bar & Grill, Cocotte, Fat Cow, Fern & Kiwi and The Pelican Seafood Bar and Grill; just to name a few, the list is honestly quite extensive. With that in mind, chalking up savings of more than that initial $15 investment is too easy a task.

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So what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned to more foodie adventures as I attempt to brave through the Entertainer list.

Third and Sixth
36 Seah Street
T: 6336 1248

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