Necessary Provisions: You're hot then you'll cold

Necessary provisions has been my go to for coffee in the west side of Singapore for a good long time now. It's offering of a quiet respite surrounded by a sleepy neighbourhood appealing very much to the introvert in me. I would often come here, plop myself on the communal table and proceed to flip myself silly through the monocle magazines expertly placed in a tight ring.(read about my previous experiences here).

My last visit however raising a red flag. 

The coffee, a bunch of nerves, with it's overwhelmingly bitter edges and sour personality. This was a character I had never come to know before. The frisky cookie on the side making apologies for her boss's misdemeanour. 

To steer away from the common misconception that Necessary Provisions is just a 'coffee place that happens to also do food', this establishment has resorted to a simple showing of sandwiches for lunch but boasts a more versatile selection at night.  A quick lunch sees myself agreeing with the Rosemary Chicken with Watercress and Parmigiano ($9) sandwich, sawing my way thru the thick schiacciata loaf, I found the overwhelming ratio of bread to poached chicken a little overpowering for my liking. The marinade on the chicken not quite holding its own against the chewy carbs.

Thank goodness for the Pandan Chiffon Cake ($4) that I cannot recommend highly enough - the chef's penchant for this finicky dessert highly evident in every light and aromatic bite.

For a better choice of sandwiches, turn to the Beef Pastrami, Brie and whole grain mustard ($9); this golden brown crossed thatched monstrosity features a generous serve of salty beef pastrami offset with some piquant whole grain mustard spread. Definitely a value-for-money satisfactory treat.

Apart from the fluctuating standards of coffee at this joint, Necessary Provisions has got everything covered, from the quirky location to the comfy interiors. Sit back, relax and take it all in.

Necessary Provisions
21 Eng Kong Terrace
9231 7920

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