Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant: Har Cheong Gai

Wordless Wednesdays unravels at Novena's Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant.

On the hit list, Prawn Paste chicken, Sum Lor Hor Fun, Hotplate Beancurd (MMmmm...) and Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves.

These photos nurture a chimera of narratives... but with too many words spoken these day, my lips are sealed today. I'm leaving it to your imagination to draw the deductions.

Okay, I concede defeat, so maybe the food was all sorts of wonderful. Who can refuse the lure of that sweet layer of egg underneath that lusciously thick meat sauce on a sizzling hot plate?.. not me for sure...

Some sort of Wordless Wednesday this is turning out to be...

Read more about my previous experience at the Bedok brunch here.

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant (Novena)
273 Thomson Rod
Singapore 307644

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