i turn 21

The Day I Turn 21...

the party was held on Saturday evening at Olive resturant contrary to the intial plan at Moonladder Bar and Bistro as stated on the invite. had to deal with the copious amounts of rain tt poured from the grey skies all afternoon, leading to the inexplicable closing of Moonladder. the party was then moved to the Olive Resturant in the last minute just a little across the park. to all my guests, sorry for the last minute movement. Caused u guys to walk quite a bit. *bleah* hey.. and of course i was a bunch of nerves from all the last min changes. I never did lyke crowds.. wat more a bdae party.. hmph...
the party came off to a very slow start as guests arrived slightly later than anticipated. But what thrilled me the most was the lovely spread of desserts on the table. Laying out the table was uber fun. finally i can put my tiers on display! so after all tt countless baking of bdae cakes, i finally get to do my own! wat a blessing!!!

a million thanks going out to Evangeline who was present at the party as well. Just in case u guys didn't knoe, this lovely lady made those divine macarons and green tea cupcakes at the party! mangue, pistachio, sesame noir, fraise, lemon, green tea and many many more! it was an explosion of colors!!! once i tried them the last time i ordered months back, i knew i had to let everyone at the party have a taste of these delectable little beauties. thanks again Evan for the wonderful treats tt u brought to me and my guests... we shld hang out again soon!

also, thanks to Claire for baking those Swan cream puffs. uber cute! i did the bare minimal and baked some simple chocolate cupcakes, breadstix and my own bdae party just to make the table look complete. the rest of the exquisite desserts came from Obolo. playing with the theme, i only brought in my favourites from them. mango-passion cheesecake, noisette, summer-berry tiramisu and dark chocolate tartlets! *yumz*.. guess thats sufficient sweet notes to last quite a while.

lookie!!! i can't get enough of the dessert table!!!the clock ticked slowly and night enveloped the patio... as guests slowly streamed in, the food and drinks flowed smoothly as well. With pizzas from olive resturant themselves circulating the tables and pints of erdinger(again my fav beer.. guess only one person shld knoe why.. hehe *wink* pity he cldn't be there at the party tt night) and glasses of hand-picked wines been served up. well, sad to say tt out of the 10 bottles i brought along, only a meagre 4 bottles were finished. haha. Brown brothers muscato was an excellent, sweet dessert wine tt matched the cakes and macarons perfectly. Irony on the hand was well balanced and a slight kick to it. Glad tt everyone enjoyed the drinks.. though i expected better. well at least the entire barrel of beer 30 litres were guzzled up by the aero pple in the end. Bravo!!! do pls watch the clip of Yanru vs. Tim in a beer drinking competition below! its crazy.. having aero pple ard only means one thing. noise, noise and MORE NOISE! haha.

some time in the middle of the party, Kor stood up and called for everyone's attention as he began his presentation with a slideshow of photos collated all the way from when i was born to my present age. tt was extremely touching and not to mention EMBARASSING for me. but nonetheless i want to thank Mummy and Kor for all the hardwork put in. at least the efforts and slpless nights spent scanning the photos paid off. everyone loved it! i loved it MORE!! hehe. *hugz*
some photos from the slideshow... my kor loves me!!! haha..
wat made the party kick-ass were the speeches made by friends and family! i appreciated the spontaneity and genuine feelings put into these speeches. Thank you mummy, kor, uncle Jo, Velda, Janan and Claire for taking the plunge. u guys are great!

then it was time for cake cutting and blowing out the candles! now its my turn to shout... hey! i baked tt cake! (not tt i ever done tt before but i get to bake my own bdae cake!!! mummy thought i was insane when i told her i was going to do tt. haha) Rum soaked chocolate cake filled with a vanilla mascarpone centre layer and strawberries topped with a generous layer of chocolate ganache. only the best ingredients were used in this cake. hoped it was good coz i didn't get to sample a piece. heh. benefits of baking a small cake = no remainders left! *tee hee*

so after the mini programme, it was back to more photo taking sessions. aero peeps rockz! my mum in fact was shocked to see how enthusiastic u guys were when it came down to photo-taking! haha. cool bengs! and then moving on to church people! Ruth, Abigail, Junneng, Weiyi, Cheryl, Jonathan, Kor, Velda, Trevor, Gabriel! then to the scattered few plus the baking gang! hehe. Sorrie Evan for forcing u into the photo. *sticks out tongue*

after all these, it was back to more beer-guzzling action! we had a barrel of beer to finish up and mountains of left-over pizzas still lying around. so most of the aero peeps just stayed back to chill, catch up with one another. Guess such gatherings are hard to come by... Yep. I enjoyed myself thoroughly with the dudes and babes.. thanks guys for coming and making my party an extra special one. even to the people not present. thx for all the gifts and surprises and well wishes! special thx going out to my students Yamunah for the handmade card and Azah for the chocolates. oh yesh, Velda, i lurve the Giraffe Printed Aldo heels u give me! deadly at 4 inches but uber sexy! to everyone else, lurve all the pressies! but i adore all ur company even more!

Well, the only dismayed members present were the staff of Olive Restaurant of course as the party dragged on way beyond closing time. here, i would like to thank Midsean for all the help him and his staff have provided as thoughout the party. the place was wonderful and the ambience perfect for the party. At least from feedback, quite a number of people thought the location was unique and special. *phew*. the party cldn't have been possible without the efficient and friendly stuff at olive restaurant. thank you very much!

and of course, how cld i miss out on thanking babe! the Best Floor Manager Award goes out to u! thanks for running ard and settling all the stuff for me. the blur me cldn't have throwned the party w/o u! *muackz*. xie xie ni for being ard with me when i needed you.

wait till i tok about the treat babe gave me ytd. u gals out there are going to die of jealousy. *evil laughter*

till then... thank you everyone for making this day extra special for me. Love you all! just as the magical night came to an end, i didn't knoe whether it was the alcohol kicking in but just at the moment, i felt like the happiest girl in the world...
my life has just began...

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