Trip to Spain et Portugal

OLA!!! greetings from Spain...

finally here's a short post from Spain. Currently sitting in the hotel room trying to organise 2000+ photos whilst brainstorming what to blog about. Just crossed the border from Portugal to Spain today. Now in Seville.
I figured that this post would probably end up messy with the least amount of organisation or flow of thought. But since that is every bit my feelings now then tt would have to suffice. Dawned on me tt a tiny post from Spain whilst on my long absence in Singapore wld be slightly entertaining to pple who visit my blog. hehe. to everyone, a late Merry Christmas to you! God bless...
Europe, i expected nothing more thn an endless touring of churches, cathedrales, palaces and more. and tt was just wat i got. it was reallie ENDLESS. the largest cathedrale, the most significant gothic church... *yawnz*... they were all beautiful i must admit, but man-made nonetheless. Hence holding less place in my heart then nature and its works would. Now half way thru the trip, i see myself caught in a web. Partially loving the stay whilst half of me yearns to go home. away from the sight-seeing, the giant structures and the never-ending bus rides. I miss my babe and bunny dearly...

Nevertheless, I thanks God for the presence of my two mad-ass cousins whom help to preserve my sanity. erm.. or allow me to display my super childish side without a qualm. 3 of us definitely means trouble. truthfully w/o them, this trip would have been a bore. whether it be the rantings about a particular somebody (hehe.. RUNAWAY NUN! p.s our wacky tour guide with the weirdest accent most hilarious pronunciation) or restaurant chino, its always good to have someone to joke with. besides its fun having pple think you and your cousins are all below the age of 18 when in fact we're lyke 21, 20 and 19. haha.. how childish, but trust me, acting lyke a kid does have therapeutic effects of some sort.

orite, looking at the clock now, its close to 1am here in Spain. and with a long day ahead.. i guess i got to make this quick or risk looking lyke a panda the whole of tmr. heh.

So in the totaly of 8 days tat i've stayed in Spain and Portugal. What rocks, the weather of course! a cool 2 degrees to 18 degrees depending on location. eating local pastries! oh of which i MUST MENTION this stall in Lisbon! Pasteis de Belim, a shop specialising in portugese egg tarts. My gosh.. its lyke the doughnut craze all over again. Here, this shop has no francaises whatsoever and all its pastries are made within its kitchen. Hear said its the most famous shop selling egg tarts with its original recipe being eyed by many. Thank goodness i had the opportunity of sinking my teeth into not one but 2 of these jems whilst passing by the shop. and let me tell u this, i ain't kidding when i say it was similiar to an orgasm in your mouth. the custard was perfect together with the crisp yet not too oily puff pastry crust. oh gosh.. best i've eaten in my life! u knoe.. i was thinking to myself. Some day if the urge arrives, i'll probably throw down everything tt i have and head on down to a cosy little pastry shop in europe and try to pick up some of those baking skills. Pastries here are definitely one class above the rest.

So back to the trip. To cut the long story short, we visited Barcelona, Zaragoza, then took a drive down to Madrid where we did a pretty good day tour followed by a tour of Toledo, ancient city which in my opinion was the highlight of the tour. the ancient city with its high walls and narrow cobbled walkways held a certain magical aura to them and it was definitely a trip back into the olden times upon entering the old city.
then it was heading down to Segovia, Avila and Salamanca all of which were very unique in their own sense. Pictures will be updated soon for these venues. Next, we crossed the border into Portugal to visit the shrine of Fatima before putting up in Lisbon. Portugal i feel was worlds apart from Spain. It meant bluer skies, clearer weather and much more sunny weather. I contemplate coming over to Lisbon to stay, probably rent a house along the coastline and rest for the summer. Could drop by Cape Rock once in a while, sunset over the horizon was gorgeous!
after our stay in Lisbon, we the travelled back to Spain, Seville where we are now staying the night. the rest of the trip... i can only imagine. All i hope for is that Peace and safety be granted to my family as we travel.

but i'm guessing its gonna be churches churches and more churches! ARGH.. im bored. hehe.
okie.. enough of blogging. its reallie time for bed.. i love cold nights and snuggling under the sheets. * yawnz*... i shall leave u with a paragraph tt i scribbled whilst on the bus. long bus rides sure induce lots of thoughts. ok... its Goodnight Spain, Morning Singapore...

Rash is the mind that yearns to throw everything down in search of a better life. One that borders on beauty, prespective, of drawing oneself closer to nature and shutting away from man. Seeking isolation. It is strange that man would often pursue something on the opposite spectrum of his own comfort zone. But whichever the path taken. his roots are missed in the end.

My desire burns strong. I will pursue what my heart calls out for. Yield not to the world. For the world is not my guide. Instead the Lord is my light and wherever he leads I will follow.

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