feeling like shit... pls point out all my mistakes to me. been caught in the rut, my camera broke... a minute part of the whole terrible journey. my spirits are dampened. have to give in till i feel lyke i'm suffocating. choked up my rollercoaster emotions.
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just came home from the movies. it's babe's last day of battle with the examinations! CONGRATS babe. hehe. went out to a nice dinner at pier eleven (check out the review by Veron on sparklette). situated at the round about at marina south pier (most marathoners will recall it as the round-about point at marina south), this private spot offers a perfect location for dining. In fact, i found its off-scale location a huge selling point. Away from the hustle and bustle.

the food on the whole was a decent affair. with the resturant serving up fusion cusine. My order of salmon noire with mexican salsa consisted of poached salmon wrapped with radish and seaweed and lightly fried. a excellent combination in my prespective with the seaweed providing textural contrast to the succulent salmon within. It is indeed hard to master a well-done salmon, and pier eleven had evidently done so.

dinner was rounded off with a wham-bang-thank-you-ma'am! baked chocolate with vanilla gelati.. gosh.. lucious chocolate tt exploded upon the swish of a dessert fork. who wldn't be taken by this chocolate pool? awesome stuff!

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oh yesh, must mention tt above pier eleven resturant is a reallie nice bar called the edge rooftop bar. Pretty nice ambience to chill out to.

after which, i and babe went to catch the movie The Golden Compass. bearing resemblance to one of my favourite books and movie, the narnia chronicles series. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Though the recent rantings about the movie being anti-christ and against the teachings of the church, i feel that its basically a whole load of crap. Cause if the church were to put it this way, all movies wld be anti-christ. Think, violence, negative potrayal of sex; gosh, vices are everywhere.

What I found most interesting about the movie was the idea of daemons, in the world where Lyra lives, the human spirit lives outside the body, in the form of a animal spirit known as a daemon. this creature accompanies the human till death. and through childhood, the daemon constantly changes form, assuming the changing potentials and aspirations of the child as he develops. It is not only until older when the daemon settles its form according to the character and nature of the person.

Sounds interesting aye... hehe. if interested to find out what daemon do u possess, go to here. and do a questionaire of 20 qns by which ur daemon will be determined upon by your answers. Try it. i'm a freaking rat. haha.

Overall, a wonderful and entertaining movie. definitely a must watch for all fantasy story buffs like me! (plus... i absolutely loved the scene where the bear's jaw got ripped out from the blow.. OHHH.. tt must have hurt. haha)

Updated my bake book collection at Harris today. Gosh.. can't seem to get enough. i just get so fired up by the sight of these books. Gimme more!!! haha. but this pursuit of mine is seriously burning a huge hole in my pocket tts for sure. *gulp* someone bring me on a book shopping spree pls?

okie.. its calling it a night already. Reminder to babe: remember to watch james bond with me! hehe.

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