was hit by a wave of incredible head tremors ytd mid afternoon all the way to night. it was strange.. like a sudden occurance. i felt crucified, even slp was torment. Till i decidingly swollowed down two panadol pills to appease the pain. Even my toes were twitching simultaneously to the strain. Weird... well, at least i had some good rest..
anyway, here's a pic of how my disgusting little toe has turned out. I have to dress it most of the time as the my toes will tend to stick together if i didn't. like gross me out!!! eww... pray i dun get an infection! i hoped u guys dun get irk-ed out by the shot... hehe
on the hindsight, here's a colorful photo to clear away the impression of the last one. thanks Elyn for the lovely cookie cutters! butterflies!!! aren't they beautiful? can't wait to try these designs!
Here's just a random photos of Babe and I in contrasting colored polo tees. Typical right. Me in blue and him in pink... hehe. my babe! see a trend of colors yet? pink and blue is in! *wink*
btw, the round-up for cupcake hero: Cranberry edition is out! Check it out here. lovely cupcakes by everyone who took part! i totally dig the winner's recipe though.. Guiness Gingerbread Cranberry Cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting. How festive! plus the sugared plumped up cranberries on top look divine. I would have eaten a whole bunch to if i were her. hehe. thanks Laurie once again!
The new ingredient for this upcoming round of Cupcake Hero is mint!! wow. kk, i'll make this a dedication to Lihui then since she loves mint ever so much. I think i might just have the perfect condiments for this little experiment. Can't wait to get started! to Claire: join this event!

Back to baking, i decided to appease the yakkity mouths (or rather, lets make tt a singular mouth) back home whom can't stop complaining about my bakes always going to others instead of being for her/him. orite then. Here u go! A duo layered macha chocolate cheesecake! hehe. i adore the two colors in these pictures. In fact, this little venture satisfied my urge to bake this particular recipe. One that I've kept for a pretty long time. The contrasting flavors seem bold enough and a merger would be something unique.

after dinner we settled down to a slice each. The cake turned out better than i thought since i had little expectation given the mistakes i had made earlier. My impatience lead to a slight error and i guessed i must have missed out a certain detail in the recipe. but oh well, it still turned out not bad regardless. at least tts what the empress dowager claims... hehe.

however if i were to make this in future, I would definitely increase the amount of green tea added. The taste was slightly faint in the cheesecake. Perhaps due to the boldness of the chocolate layer underneath. the greenish hue was lovely though, but it cld use a severe boost in intensity.

kk, typed this entry halfway and had to stop to help my fren register her subjects. haha. Seemed to have lost my chain of thought. So its a wrap i guess. Gonna watch Beowulf with weiquany and babe later .*=)*

gosh.. it never fails to hit me. the craving for a square of dark chocolate. I creep towards the tib-bit basket.. oh no.. *groanz*

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