Spain and Portugal part 2

Spain and Portugal Part 2

21 December => Madrid -> Toledo

Early morning, we got up to a bright start to tour the city of Madrid. Honestly, I didn’t have any earnest anticipation regarding the whole affair as I had the previous notion tt cities will be cities. To me, they are just a congregation of people, living together, as though in a habitat as the primary science books would describe it. However, it is the culture and history of a city tt sets it apart from the rest. This makes it unique and special. Hence first, we went to visit the 2nd biggest bull fighting ring in the entire world (with the biggest being in Mexico), it was an endless parade of photoshoots with parents yelling for us to hold certain postures or be at certain positions. Though I detested it, I know they meant well.

in remembrance of our missing cousins, velda and kor kor. hehe

Then we went to view the Cervantes momunment in Plaza espana, Puerta del Sol, Gran Via and Madrid’s most famous fountain.

Finally, we took a nice stroll towards the magnificent State Apartments of the Royal Palace and marvel at its lavish decorations and tapestry on the walls. I took a particular liking to the room dedicated to the Chinese as it had lovely yellow patterns on the wall, each of them resembling an intricate complex woven lace print tt worked so well throughout the spacious room. What attracted me most of all were the large number of rooms present in the entire royal palace and the amount of effort spent to decorate each and every one according to a different theme and color. Of couse only the best materials, luscious and smooth were used throughout. Every small detail from the ceiling to the floors were managed in the same style, slightly classy with a French flaire and definitely extravagant to the max. Pity photography wasn’t allowed in the palace hence the lack of photos here.

love the similar expressions of my mum and auntie. twins will be twins.. hehe...

After a quick stop over for lunch, we proceed by bus to Toledo, the former capital of medieval Spain.Again, I held no expectations. It was not till I reached the top of the hill to view the panaromic view of the city tt I was awed and dumbstruck by the beauty and strategic placing of the city. Surrounded by high walls on all sides, the city was built on a slight mould of a hill of the country side of Madrid. With houses cascading down the sides of the hill, the cathedral stood high and proud at the top. It was no wonder tt this place was an UNESCO world heritage site.

We then entered the city walls for a walking tour. First we went to view the Gothic Cathedral. Well, wat can I say? Cathedral AGAIN! But this experience was slightly enhanced due to the presence of a very experiences city guide who managed to explain the significance of most of the features in this gargantuan church.

Did I mention tt I think Catholicism is freaky? (no offence to catholics though *gulp*)

Then we took a slow stroll around the city pavements on our own. At the same time taking in the sights and sounds all around.
Toledo was a pretty strange city tt appears as though it is stuck in the past. A past of glory and faded riches. Even the inhabitants of the city are supremely old as compared to the pple who reside just outside of the city walls. Even so, the history of the city and its once glorified history as the capital of Spain remained. And its old world charm had such friendly disposition tt drew me closer to the place. In fact, I felt as if Toledo was the highlight of the entire trip.

a panaromic view of toledo city from the top of a hill

Saint Martin Bridge
trevor deserves a BIG HUG! he doesn't seem to be enjoying it though. haha
Finally after we had finished the tour of Toledo, we headed back home to Madrid where we made a stop over to have a special Tapas Dinner. Tapas is the common food of the Spanish. Consisting of several small cold dishes such as anchovies, olives, sardines and such, paired with bread. This previous finger food for the Spanish had evolved into a proper meal for the people of Spain. Well, I didn’t have too good an experience with this cuisine though. Probably wasn’t used to the food served. Cold… haha. Not exactly attractive on a cold day huh? Haha.

Tapas Dinner

my heart feels a certain aching. a forbidden emotion. one tt i shldn't be embracing. so why???
suddenly, i wanna go home. i want to feel safe in his arms again.

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