its party time!

Joyeux anniversaire

now tts one of my favourite phrases from the movie priceless. sends shudders down my spine when audrey tatou serenades herself with the song. *grrr..* haha.

been rather busy for the past few days, thus explaining the severe decrease in rate of posting. Caught up in an onslaught of meetings, outings and dates lately. Went to JB on monday with babe to eat our fill of secret recipes cakes, as well as venture out to jalan permas to go-kart! apparently, its only after i'm back in singapore tt i heard that the go-kart centre has been touted with cases of fraud. owners have accused customers of damaging the go-kart after the driving session and forced them to pay up for the damages down. *phew*.. thank goodness i'm not one of the victims. But to all u pple meaning to try out the go-karts at JB, erm.. just be wary yar. At best, bring a fren who's reallie good at arguing. hehe.

met up with Cheryl on wednesday to shop, eat dinner and after that chill at dempsey's ben and jerry's. oh gosh.. if u guys haven't been to demspey's yet. u reallie shld! culina and jones the grocer carry such exquisite stuff! worth the drive in reallie. on the whole it was a wonderful date. shld do it more often! hehe..rememeber our deal to try all flavors at the daily scoop! hehe.

meeting up with jiemin kor later to rot ard.. plus dinner and dessert at eden cafe! woots. hehe. hmph.. kinda tired though. lets just hope i can pull thru the date w/o falling asleep first. hehe. tt wldn't be too nice..

finally the bdae party is tmr. I dun ask for much actually just wish tt everyone be present have a good time there. tt wld make it the most special bdae alr. thanks kor, mummy and babe for all the help put in. u guys are the best!



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