Azmaya: just the usual Wagyu Shabu-Shabu affair

I continue on a trend of Japanese Eats and shabu shabu tastings. Today we cover the Wagyu Shabu Shabu Buffet at Azmaya located along the picturesque Robertson Quay (just beside bella pizza). 

With red hot competition from various other concepts dotting the island,  Azmaya attempts to draw in the crowds with a wagyu buffet special promotion. Priced at just $50 now (U.P. $100), diners get to pick from a menu of proteins (wagyu beef, pork belly, collar, chicken leg, wagyu cut steak and tongue, etc...), side dishes of Kimchi, Namul and Rice as well as a tight selection of ala carte dishes such as Cold Tofu, Spicy Cucumber, Salted cabbage and fried pickles. Take heed that a 2 hours time limit is enforced at the point of ordering.

While the A5 Wagyu Sirloin from Japan ($95) gets a nod from me, the soup base I found to be too light and almost forgettable. Save for the nutty goma dipping sauce, the entire affair was albeit a bit underwhelming.

Try the craveable Wagyu Roast Beef ($15), a tantalising red centre with a piquant dressing for those ravenous carnivores.

Another modest dish for the peckish is the Korean Spicy Cucumber ($6), fresh crispy chunks of cucumber tossed in a spicy chili oil based dressing, the juxtaposition of juicy cooling innards versus the feisty exterior working up an appetite.

Going through a varied selection of ala carte dishes, the Salmon Caesar Salad with salmon roe with Caesar dressing ($13) tickled my fancy. The Salmon slices benefited from a generous squirt of decadent creamy dressing, the orange scatter of roe adding provocative bursts of savouriness and the chunks of avocado pulling in all the pieces. I could have easily gone through two bowls of these.

The Grilled Squid ($14) didn't fare too well as the flesh had gone a little rubbery, a little too familiar with the flames.

Steer clear of the Sashimi (3 types for $17). I question its freshness especially in a place better adept to handle its meats well.

The Gyoza and Assorted Tempura ($15) were your standard run-of-the-mill renditions of the fare found at most ordinary establishments. Shy of fillings in the former and lack of seasoning in the batter in the latter. I was less than impressed and refrained from seconds.  

Azmaya with its spacious dining room and more family orientated seating patterns would be a wise choice for birthdays or intimate family gatherings. There's just something about fretting over a steamboat that pulls people together, fostering relationships; the relentless chatter and the mutual cooking favours. That aside, do not expect extraordinary events to unfold at Azmaya on the culinary front.

30 Robertson Quay
t: 6737 6863

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun 5pm - 1am

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