Curbside Cafe & Wine: No Great Shakes

If you ask me what form of cuisine captures the best on camera. I would have to say hands down, brunch fare for sure!

On a recent media event held at Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar, we had the privilege of tasting a variety of items from the ala carte menu and I dug in with reckless abandon as I've never actually tasted most of the menu despite the couple of coffee runs I've made previously. FYI, curbside does one of the best coffees in the west in my opinion, guarded by a faithful dedication of bringing out the best in the 'already-superior' Yahava coffee beans.

The first to meet the panel of stringent judges at our table was the Buffalo Wings ($12), chicken wings tossed in homemade BBQ sauce. These were a little bit of a let-down as the wings which should have been deep fried to a golden brown prior to being tossed in the sauce was anaemic underneath its glossy brown sheath. The BBQ sauce was slightly off balanced, tipping the pyramid over with a generous amount of sweetness that succeeded in a resemblance to Sweet and Sour pork being drawn. 

The Corned beef hash ($12) did not receive much positive feedback from the crew as well given it's over-salty complexion. Here's salt cured minced beef is fried with ham and chopped onions, this is then topped with two poached eggs and a side of sourdough toast. Honestly speaking, the hash could have used a little longer in the pan, a development of crisp browned crust around the edges crucial to elevating the dish beyond what it already is.

If you liked the Corned Beef Hash, you would also be okay with the Cheeseburger ($16) which is designed to satisfy and fill the peckish most likely to be nursing their weekend afternoon seats with a lukewarm coffee by their side. There is nothing that pops from its imagery, at least nothing compelling enough to make you want to devour the entire portion. Skip this.

A Cheesy Fried Chicken is the best possible thing you might score if only it were on the menu. A sizeable piece of deep fried chicken fillet is enhanced with a bubbly enrobing of melted cheese, accompanied by freshly made coleslaw, paprika dusted fries and a slice of garlic bread. This, being the only dish that the chef didn't go crazy with the salt, was the best received amongst others. Irregardless of that, still, an uninspired dish that is not befitting of the strong showing contributed by the excellent coffee standards here.

Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar
21 Biopolis Drive
Nucleous #01-21
S (138567)
t: 8181 1805


Curbiez :D said...

Hi Sihan!

Thanks for your honest feedback and we're sorry if we fell short on your expectations.

We'd just like to drop a quick mention that we're in the process of changing up the menu and the Cheesy Fried Chicken will be on it; you guys were the first to have tasted it, besides ourselves of course!

But of course we're very happy that you enjoyed our coffee and will keep striving to do better in all aspects. Look forward to having you around our parts again :)

SiHaN said...

Dear Curbiez,

I'll definitely come back again. Thank you for your reassurance about the improvements being made to the food cause I really hope that aspect speaks as loudly as the coffee does. thank you very much for your generous hosting that day anywaz! The event was a major success!