Relish by Wild Rocket: Not your average joe of a Burger

We tip-toed every so carefully around the ticking time bomb, but as predicted earlier, his 'child-unfriendly' presence had become known in the room and the flood gates of persistent wailing from the infant opened wide, reigning painful cries between gurgles down upon us and the other diners. All this unfolded much to his annoyance, of course, so we requested a change of tables that the staff were very much happy to attend to.

A quick run thru the menu revealed a tight selection of burgers and other comfort foods. Never mind the background jargon, pass the lady a burger please!

Reflecting the simplicity of of its environment, the fare was quick and concise. My billboard special of b3 Mushroom Cheese Burger ($18.40) was all the works, sauteed and well seasoned mushrooms, greasy smoked bacon (+$3), melted emmental cheese, medium-rare juicy beef patty all lewdly forced between two sesame buns. The buns could have used a good lashing of butter and a good toasting; put that out of the picture and you've got results that show more finesse than your regular burger. What stole the limelight was the patty alone, deliciously scorched and still juicy on the inside.

The boy was silent as he chowed down on his Blue Cheese and Pear Burger ($21.90). Take a classic combination, transcribe that into burger formula and you've got a sure winner. The walnut peanut butter providing firm nutty notes for the singed sweetness of the poached pears and that grounding the outlandish flavors of the Auvergne bleu cheese. To be frank, I was grateful to even get one tiny bite of this baby.

Definitely one of more impressive burgers I've had in Singapore so far. The search continues...

Relish by Wild Rocket
501 Bukit Timah Road
#02-01, Cluny Court
S( 259760)
t: 6763 1547

Opening Hours: 
Tues-Sun 9am-10pm

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