Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar: Did someone say Currytini?

Modern Indian restaurant, Saha cuts somewhat of a posh figure among it's equally spiffy neighbours of Duxton Hill residents. The concept of regional Indian cuisine presented with global contemporary aesthetics pulls back on the usual ghee-rich dishes and gives diners a feel of traditional Indian flavors without the usual sickening feel of extreme gluttony at the end of the meal. Behind Saha's innovative menu is award-winning Chef Abhijit Saha who has fastidiously spread his modern Indian influenced notions across the board, from opulent dishes such as Kerala Vegetable Stew Espuma and Kasoor Methi Seared Foie Gras to his avant garde Indian inspired mixology; the 22 seater al fresco Terrace bar rolling out signature cocktails such as the Cryo Pomegranate Margarita; the man has got it all covered.

We kicked off the night of tastings at the classy and cool Terrace bar, cocktails leading to way, served to us by the fun and flamboyant staff who proudly stood behind the restaurant's offerings. For me, nothing speaks louder about a restaurant's quality than the vote of confidence from its staff. Period.

The Indian Mojito, a blend of Old Monk supreme rum, mint, lime, demerara sugar and soda, was quaffable but not exceptional; the insertion of the word 'Indian' raising expectations but the drink failed to authenticate its' ethnicity. The Cryo Pomegranate Margarita, on the other hand was a cocktail that I happily scoffed down, to the horror of my diminishing memory and friendly neighbours, who subsequently shyed away due to the exponential growth of my conversational volumes as the night rolled on. Here, Don Fulano bianco tequila meets cointreau, pomegranate juice and liquer; then fresh lime juice goes the extra mile in refreshing the mix while liquid nitrogen contributes to the theatrics. This stole my heart and cobbled my stomach the very next day.

Assorted nibbled such as assorted Papad, baked samosa triangles and Khasta Roti Tacos paraded the room whilst we were nursing our drinks; much to the delight of our alcohol induced munchies. The Baked Samosa Triangles ($14) were an excellent representation of vegetarian food in Indian cuisine. Here, thin flaky filo pastry holds a mound of boiled potatoes, cashew and green pea filling, seasoned to the T and the triangular parcels dangling precariously over a shallow pool of chutney foam. Extremely addictive and I probably indulged in one too many.

Other vegeterian options include the Khasta Roti Tacos ($16) a masterful canape showcasing some unique techniques. Here, Amritsari chickpeas tops a crisp toasted roti base, the avocado salsa adding color and creaminess to its entirety while the sour cream provides tart and tangy flavors to complement the heat of the one-bite snack. Equally note-worthy is the Pashmina Chicken Supreme Kebab ($28), perfectly succulent morsels of chicken teeming of the strong flavors of mace and cardamon, a dollop of pistachio saffron sauce further enhancing it's masculine flavors. We continued to pad our stomachs at the bar with Prawn Milagu Roast ($30), this dish comes highly recommended. it's traditional base notes of crushed black pepper, onion, tomato and curry leaves heightened by the meatiness of the cooked prawns. By far, the star player of the line-up that night.                     

Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar is definitely on top of its' game with sultry Indian ethnic foods served up in non-traditional ways. With the success of it's speciality cocktail menu pulling its weight, Saha has the potential to become a drinking hole for fashionistas and office workers seeking to chow down on something a little different.

A major thanks to the lovely folks from the Entertainer for the invite.

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Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar
9A Duxton Hill (2nd floor)
 Singapore 089593
t: +65 6223 7321

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm; 6pm-11pm
Sunday: Closed

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