Oriole cafe: Down the Slippery Slope

I used to say good things about the simple cafe fare at Oriole Cafe. But apparently with the passing of time, standards have slipped so far beyond rescue that I probably would not recommend nor be going back there anytime soon for a meal. The picturesque Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Waffles ($26) was a real disappointment. Gracefully composed, yet so lacking in substance, with deep fried chicken pieces that resemble Japanese kaarage out from a frozen bag and Bourbon syrup which tasted more like cheap honey than its declared maple origins. The coleslaw was half decent albeit for a lack of seasoning. Definitely a dish you wouldn't be able to work through despite a ravenous appetite (tested and proven by the partner who nudged away his plate after consuming less than half the dish). Ouch.

My Oriole Burger ($25) was a slightly more peachy affair featuring a 100% US Angus beef patty. cheddar cheese, lettuce , tomato and onion. A hearty meal with mainstream appeal but will one that disappoints the hardcore burger fans. The beef patty had a queer stringiness to its texture and the sesame bun could have used a little tender loving care with a spot of butter to crisp up its edges. Not a burger I'll return to if the cravings arise.

It is obvious that Oriole's priorities have deviated off tangent from its glorious days where quality food was the pride and joy of the cafe along with its star-studded cast of baristas with their fancy coffee art work. It's weakness made clearly evident by the barrage of menu specials put in place. 

Oriole Cafe
96 Somerset Road
t: 6238 8348

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