Day 14

My gosh..think i'm going absolutely bonkers. Its just another day without you beside me. I didn't think it would affect me tat much. But in fact, it is..all i can think of is your warm embrace, how i long for ur comforting hugs.. Staring into space dreaming tt u're here with me. But you're so far away. Its cruel how we just got together and then u leave me almost immediately.. its plain torture to be true. Sigh..How i wish time cld past faster till the day were back together again...I try to be strong, try to not let my real feelings show when we're toking over the phone. Will you think me weak if i tremble in the loneliness of the night?
Sometimes i wonder whether u'll get tired of saying ' i love you' to each other. Will it become a way of life, a mandatory statement to end off every conversation? taken forgranted? I hope not..but i can be assured tt it won't be true for now... I miss you...too much.
Went out with my hockey gurlfrens on Sun to celebrate flamingo's ( Regina) 20th Birthday. We had so much fun just fooling ard and catching up at TCC at Cine. Reallie miss the old days. Kinda scary how age catches up with you. It seems just lyke moments ago that we were playing..frolicking under the sun practising our hits on the make-shift hockey pitch back on our skool track. Haha. Now we're all grown up..but still in denial of our added maturity!!!! look at the pics..u'll understand why (shucks something wrong..nvm..i'll upload the rest next time!)... haha.
Reallie miss you gals a whole lot. Grateful to have so u bunch of crazy monkeys in jc. otherwise life in njc would have been SOOOO BORING!!! haha. yep..*HuGZ*
oh my haircut! wanna see? farnie rite..the hairdresser was lyke 'wah! so cute!' how embarrassing, as though I'm an old hag trying to
act young. Gosh!!! Haha..
oritey..thats about all for this entry though. Realised tt i've been rather lazy.. Hehe. Promise i'll update more orite..But gotta get back to work for now..(yar rite!!!)

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