Phobias? Who has them?

Wow..writing this entry and having a super long and nice conversation with Lin Sui. Was supposed to have tuition at 5pm but so happened tt my tuition kid, Celestin called to cancel tuition last minute because she's still having makeup classes in school. Oh well, so now i'm left stranded...

Yeh, so back to Lin Sui... I guess I'm reallie blessed...Somehow or another God is wonderful in the way he has everything planned out. Allowing me the chance to meet such a great friend at this point of my life which is shrouded by uncertainties, doubts and troubles. *Thank you God* And thank you for being there for me, talking me out of my mood swings and giving me such appropriate advice when I need it. I couldn't have found a better bestie! Hehe. I came across this article regarding the different types of phobias tt exist in this world and i was amazed yar. They have everything from the most common zoophobias, which are anxieties about animals to the outrageous Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia- Fear of money.( i mean..who has a phobia of MONEY?!?!.haha..) and check this out Barophobia which is the fear of gravity (kinda inconvenient if u're living on planet earth huh?) Yeh..It just goes to show..fear is incorporated into the lives of men..its an integrated way of life and serves as a defense mechanism for many. Helping us to avoid or run away from certain things or situations. Strange how men behaves sometimes... BUT I wouldn't deny that I myself do suffer from some of these phobias.. Here's a sample list of possible phobias tt i suffer from...
  1. Didaskaleinophobia - the fear of going to school ( was lately..I have no idea why either)
  2. Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning.(Haha..was always terrified of thunder..I guess it got even worst after the lightning strike at Tahan)
  3. Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions.(I'm reallie bad with decisions..u cld say I'm indecisive. And i ALWAYS happen to make the wrong decisions!!! oh somebody save me!!!)
  4. Lygophobia- Fear of darkness.(guess u didn't figure tt out huh? was reallie scared of the dark when I was a kid..haha)
  5. Testophobia- Fear of taking tests.(needless to explain rite?)
  6. Aquaphobia - Fear of water, specifically the morbid fear of drowning.(yikes..always had nightmares of myself drowning..almost drowned a couple of times..hate it.

Yeh tts about it. Its pretty interesting. Check it out at

Wonder what would it be lyke if i suffered from Philematophobia- Fear of kissing.Haha..No kisses for you!!! Wahaha..

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Anonymous said...

yoo hoo bestie! hee first ever to coment on ya blog... hmmm yeah God is always good... glad to have grabbed u as a bestie as well yar? we can be wateva we wan to be as long as we believe... heh more chances to tok abt religious stuff next time... and yah pls remember my requests k... but hopefully i can see u happy always... and of coz me as a bestie will do wateva i can to keep ur spirits up...

yours truly