Time is never enough

Shucks...seriously running short on time. Count downs have suddenly opened my eyes to the severity of the situation. I HAVE NO MORE TIME LEFT!!!!... exams are just a mere 26 days away. Gosh..and i'm nowhere there in terms of readiness for the exams. Talk about aerodynamic..I dun even knoe wats going on anymore. Woops..gotta get my engine started! In fact i'm beginning to feel the heat already. *PHEW*

French test ytd was a total flop. Had no idea wat the reader was narrating during the listening section. Worst of all, there was so much vocab involved and i was totally clueless..*gulp* Just wish I can pass that subject..I dun ask for much.. Hehe

Went to watch a late night movie yesterday as well with Melvin. 'The Guardian' staring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. It was great! Really admire the strength both physical and psychological of the rescue divers. It must indeed be pressurzing to knoe tt u decide who lives and who dies. I'll never be up to that...Can't even handle my own life, what more rescue others. Muahaha..

SHucks...running late. Gotta get ready for tuition...Giving 2 sessions of tution in a row today. Shagged man. Please see me through the day oh Lord.

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