My Room needs a Facelift!!!

Oh the mess..the dust!!! Its only when spring cleaning comes along then do we realise how much trash and nonsense we have accumulated in our homes. Recently, my room went through a paint job. So seemingly smart, i decided to make use of the opportunity to do up my room from scratch again since I was deprieved of that opportunity 10 yrs ago when we first moved in. I mean which little gurl has her room filled with heavy teak furniture?!?! Not mentioning the lack of colours and the solid wooden framed bed that I always end up knocking my head on whilst jumping onto the bed? *OUCH!!!* So instantly I thought that it would be my chance to show my creativity (or lack of it. haha)...

Bad decision though..there's just sooo much work to do!!! plus all the moving and all the throwing away of stuff..Strenous work for the usual lazy me. Haha.

check out the cool colours!!! And the orange square against the purple backing..All my idea!!!

My desk from IKEA which we built from scratch *PHEW*

A romantic and cozy hideout from the hustle and bustle of life

my little change alley

(check out the mirror with the clock; now got no reason to be late!!!)

*ahem*... so now..wat do ya think of my room? made it feel cozier by creating a feeling of closed up space by putting the divider in the middle of the room. It also serves to display stuff that I like. Nothing spectacular lar..but at least it feels lyke home..Somewhere I can hide from the world; ignore the screams from my mum. Wahaha. wats missing are

  1. A bed platform and a nice thick mattress
  2. Shelves on the wall(reconsidering tt one becoz of the more than sufficient space on the cupboards and divider),
  3. A vintage phone!!! to hang on the wall beside my bed
  4. Pictures on the walls (of Melvin and me!!! and of course mummy dear lar! haha)
  5. A hanging rack to allow me to hang up my necklaces and clothes
  6. A nice clock( trying to look for a chalkboard one)
  7. and not forgetting the HUGE LCD TV!!!

Hehe..can't wait..Then my room will become lyke a home cinema!!! cool bengz.. Don't worrie..I'll show you the end product after everything is ensembled orite. *mUackz*

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