In the still of the night

I've have had enough of chemistry! Dear just called..ended off the call with a tiff again. gets more interesting I'm unreasonable lar?!?! is tt what u wan? FINE!!! Heh..just love throwing tantrums...*Phew*

Gonna have another long day tmr. Lab sessions? simply daunting. Kinda looking forward to meeting my new tution kid though. She stays in Bukit Batok near the interchange. Sounds great..but chemistry and physics? Beginning to have my doubts. Haha... Looked through the o level syllabus this afternoon and realised I've cleanly forgotten half of it. My goodness!!! lyke totally wiped out from my memory.. How scary is that? Just hope I"m able to handle her lar. Says she is a very evil girl lar, but oh well, I DUN BUY THAT! hehe. We'll see...

Just had a meeting in school for RAT race.. I'm reallie proud of the commitee for putting so much effort into the planning. I must say that this commitee very much outshines the previous year's pumpfest in terms of abilities and commitment levels. Its just a personal opinion though. I am very very impressed and proud to be part of it! CHEERS to RAT( race against time) and ATC!!! Yep. Hope all goes well and we get the sponserships and grants needed to carry on with the planning and the race. It would certainly be a major achievement to be able to part of the planning process of such a prestigious event. Hehe. (kinda sounds lyke im bullshitting rite?)

my gosh..think i'm beginning to sound lyke some idiot! That's wat i'm lyke when i'm slpy, in case u didn't know. Lyke a bit cranky..a bit insane. Hehe. Think I'll have to end it in case I go on rattling about mundane stuff and bore you to death. Tee hee..

Message of the Day: improvement begins with an "I"

Kk, I'll end off with a nice pic..hehe..

silly boi went off and got both of his ankles sprained...sigh..5 days more...

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