Another HAZY sunday afternoon...

Hey... have nothing much to write about..So i'll just give u a dry review of my most boring wkend..

Ytd, I coincidentally came across my friend's amanda's webby. She designs and makes her own accessories for sale anyway. Found some pretty nifty and charming designs.. Was pretty blown away by the simple yet gorgeous items that I saw. I must say that this gurl certainly has a gift in this field, an eye for beauty. Haha. here are some pieces for ur viewing pleasure..


minicharm (which i have decided to order for myself!!!..pretty rite? charm thats reallie something special u dun get everywhere...)

Autumn in Gold
I love the way all her pieces have an individual flair about them. Check them out at
Yes and so the wkend dragged on..*yawn* getting bored just toking about it. Hehe. was bored out of my wits so i decided to take a long run..haha. Did 15km.. felt lyke reallie reallie good after tat! Hehe. There's just something about running that somehow makes me feel better. If I were sad or unhappy, I would go run. When I'm excited, I'll run. When i'm tired, a run would help to pump up my energy level. To feel the adrenaline going up to your head, the fatigue and the lactic gathering in ur muscles, the rhythm of steady breath, the pumping of my heart through my chest. Its invigorating and uplifting..just makes me feel so alive. Wonder what I would do if one day I were to be wld be lyke the sky has fallen down...
Was doing more clearing up today and came across my old handwritten diary. Spent half of the afternoon reading through and trying to decipher wat i had written in it. I was amused at my childish thoughts and at the same time enthralled by how my sometimes 'innocent' thinking was reallie right even applied to situations occuring in my present life. I wish I could return to those times when nothing cld bring me down and I was young and energetic again. If only I could turn back the clock...
il est revenir..enfin..

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