10 things tt made me happie part 2

6) Dinner with Babe's Family

went to dinner with Babe at Katong's Waruku to celebrate his mum's 49th bdae. though the size of the room seemed to have shrunk severly, and we had a slight problem squeezing 8 full grown pple in the room. It was a cosy and comfortable dinner at the very least. Well wishes going out to the bdae mum.
thank god she lyked the watch i bought her. Though i day say my mummy was rather jealous.. woops. oritey! promise to get u a new one next year k. sayang.. haha.

7) more orders!

orders have been streaming in for the coming week. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, but more of a good thing rather (partially influenced by Martha's good things.) haha. BUt oh well. just glad to have pple enjoy my bakes. and very enthusiastic customers sure make my day!!!

8) Chloe!

bet u guys are already scratching your heads. but who gives 2 hoots? i'm lovin' my bunny totally. She's a dream.. just as i had imagined it wld be from the website. Hosted by two lovely young talented ladies at anthology (PLS do check out the link!!! i promise their creations will not disappoint), their webby features beautiful collections of hand-made earrings, bracelets, bag charms and many more. I was ecstatic when my order arrived in the post today. the bunny bag charm tt i've been eyeing for about 2 months is finally mine! and the colors and so pretty too! Love the bunny's swinging legs.. definitely whimsical. *swoons*
Thanks Jeanette for the lovely charm. It's gorgeous and definitely very unique! everyone shld go take a look at their site! Pls keep the new designs coming!

9) Babe

love being with Babe, whether it is just chilling out over coffee, cuddling to watch a rented vcd or even just riding in his car participating in our mini squabbles. I just enjoy every minute of it. * tee hee*... pray tt i'll have many more of such days to come. *hugz*

10) erm... i think i'll have to stop at 9. Reallie ain't got nothing more to add to this list. My bad! just tt 10 seems like such a nice number. *bleah*..

wait!!! i've got it!

10) Cupcake Hero Round-up: CLOVES

yay! the roundup is finally done! pls take a look at the gorgeous cuppies featured in this round. and my Spiced Sour Cream Poached Pear Cupcake tt i submitted is in it too! thanks Laurie for the wonderful job done and congrats the winner Minko for her Blueberry and Mango Gingerbread Cupcake with Caramelised Mango Buttercream. Woah.. sounds LONGggg.. and divine of course! I'm having a blast! and i promise to include frosting next time. A cupcake ain't a cupcake w/o frosting ain't it. so do pls check out cupcake hero ROUND 2!!!

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