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minutes to midnight
as i mentioned earlier, went to the linkin park minutes to midnight concert! though the wait was long (the band took an hour after concert time to emerge on stage!!!); but it was soo totally worth it. When the bass came on and the white curtains came falling down; i was flabbergasted. The atmosphere was electrifying. the crowd went wild and songs were belted one after another. the new songs didn't create much of a stir. But i reallie loved 'in pieces' though.

It was not only until a while later when the band started on the old songs tt the crowd went berserk!!! Numb, in the end, faint, point of authority, etc. there were body surfers everywhere and the bouncers went on a rampage trying to drag these pple away. haha. in fact, i was nearly squashed by one of these crazy buggers being tossed from the back. my god, he fell smack flat on the ground in front of me. Poor fella... For me, it was the cutting sound of the intro to papercut tt i went absolutely CRAZY! i screamed at the top of my lungs to all the songs. (surprisingly some of the lyrics stuck lyke glue to my head, wonder when will aerodynamics ever have the same effect); but it didn't matter anyway as everyone in the vicinity were either bouncing ard lyke idiots waving their arms to the music or screaming in unison with the band. It was AWESOME!!!

i swear i was linkin park crazy after tt night!!!! their music constantly on re-runs on my playlist. haha. no regrets definitely!!! thank goodness i had Charles ard ( haha.. its lessens the guilt a little, since exams are so near) and Zhaoling somewhere in the crowd. LINKIN PARK ROCKZ!!! some of the crazy peeps tt went to the concert; Zhiheng, Daniel and frens...

here's one my fav songs at the moment from linkin park. The live acoustic version was so subtle and sincere. i was taken by Chester's voice. a very haunting song with the saddest lyrics...

I've lied to you
The same way that I always do
This is the last smile
That I'll fake for the sake of being with you

Pre chorus:
(Everything falls apart, even the people who never frown eventually break down)
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
(Everything has to end, you'll soon find we're out of time left to watch it all unwind)
The sacrifice is never knowing

Why I never walked away
Why I played myself this way
Now I see your testing me pushes me away

I've tried like you
To do everything you wanted too
This is the last
I'll take the blame for the sake of being with you

We’re all out of time, this is how we find how it all unwinds
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
We’re all out of time, this is how we find how it all unwinds
The sacrifice is never knowing

Also, with anothe ounce of luck, i managed to get two tickets to the premier of the movie 'the kingdom' just by submitting an essay regarding how should the golden village membership be improved to better appeal to its members. haha.. trust me, i rattled on and on about some cumulative point system and rewards thingy. it was so strange tt they picked my essay. haah. So well, with two tickets to a premier of a movie tt my bf reallie wanna watch on the day before my first paper. hmph.. HELL yEH!!! and it totally paid off too! The Kingdom turned out to be such a fantastic movie!!! much more colorful then anticipated based on the posters and trailers. it was 'culturally intelligent' (as put by babe) and had an absolutely witty script. Reinforced by an amazingly strong cast of Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper.

The movie touched on a very controversial issue of the fight of terrorism in the states. It features an elite team of FBI special agents sent to Saudi Arabia to investigate a terrorist bomb investigation tt ignited within a western housing compound. During the 5 day mission, the team were hamstrung by protocol and the restrictions set by the suspicious Saudi authorities. To complete the mission successfully, they teamed up with the like-minded compatriate saudi police captain Al-Ghazi who helps them towards the goal of unlocking the secrets and preventing the further destruction done by the extremist groups. Making reference to several real live events in the midst. the action was gripping and yet not too over the top. It was deep yet understandable and carrying with it many morals as well as cultural issues tt are pulled subtly into the picture. The ending in my opinion was superb and it boiled down to the truth of revenge as the real fuel for all action against each enemy party. Disturbing as it is, it is very real. I would hence say tt this film is a much watch for the season!

One of the best films i've seen this year!!!
kk.. gotta end of the post soon, time for bed, *yawn*

thanks babe for everything you've done for me. *oops*.. no thanks right. hehe..*muackz*

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