just another nightmare

just another nightmare
don't go there...
In this oh-so frequent happening, i saw flashes of light, certain unhappy scenes, a vision during which I saw myself slouching out of bed to answer a light night call. A rather uninvited one of course given the ungodly time of the night. It was the traffic police... no, wait, it wasn't a dream. it was for real...

my heart skipped a beat, and my blur mind drew back into focus in a split second. It dawned upon me tt my brother who had driven the car out was probably in some sort of trouble. and he reallie was... oh gosh, you could never guess..

Apparently, our smart alec had parked our giant of a car across the opening of two private estate houses thus obstructing the flow of traffic. Residents had reported the matter to the police and thus the call. Still sleepy, i managed to catch the last sentence with much clarity ' he has to move the car away, if not we'll tow it away'; that being said with much boredom rather than threat in his voice. trust me, you have to pity the poor policeman stationed there who had to wait on us for about an hour.

So with tt i picked up the phone and started to call him. once.. twice... three times, all to no avail. I must have been driven out of my wits cause the next moment, i was dragging mum into the picture. When i let light upon the whole situation, she was FURIOUS!!! gosh.. tt man just refused to answer his phone (we figured tt he left it in the car while going into his friend's hse).. so, we begged the police to give us a grace period as we frantically raced out of the condo down to the main road to hail a cab to the destination which i ingeniously seeked out thru his viewing history on the net. haha.

Kk, so the police were there. Matters were dissolved. Warnings were posted. Guess what after that, we just left the crime scene, drove our mini armoured vehicle back home. Without kor kor of course coz according to mummy, he's in the wrong and waiting for him would just be plain stupid. Hmph.. i agree actually. My beauty sleep disrupted by police.. arghs...

the outcome of doing so, as predicted, he thought that our car was stolen.. WAHAHA. and called every single phone there was in the house. However, under the strict ruling of the queen in the house, no one was supposed to answer them. Just to give him a taste of his own medicine... you should have seen the both of us choking back our laughters as we mimicked the scene where kor finds the car missing from the spot he left it. haha. It's just hilarious!!!

oh well, mum is still mad. and I am just simply amused by the whole incident. haha. .. but no.. its time for bed again. no more nightmares for me please... *cross my fingers*

ok, wait! apparently the story doesn't stop there. i heard harsh whispers in the middle of the night coming from outside the window. Struggling out of bed once more, i saw a dark figure posed outside my room. it was kor!!! 5 am in the morning, u've got to be kidding me. how did he get back so fast? haha. well, shared a few good laughs after i let him in the door regarding the whole incident.

Lesson learnt: bring ur hp with u no matter where u go. it makes a hell lot of difference!


kk, finally tmr is the end of the dreaded examinations. Gosh, can't believe it coming to an end. Perhaps i'll find happiness after tt. Drats, first day of period. how wonderful... lets pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end.. wat the heck! i've got my period! *sigh*... orite. back to the books in preparation for season disaster no. 6. pls stay tuned.

dreaming of christmas bakes, of warm cookies, crisp biscotti and chilly weather.

'the world is flat and i still got a chance with you ' (obstinance to the point of insanity)

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