LINKIN PARK minutes to midnite concert!!!
oh my gosh i can't believe i'm gonna watch them live in concert lyke in a few hours time. *thinking about being buried up to neck in revision*.. neh.. we'll give tt thought a break. hehe. ARH!!!

kk, so here's my favourite song from their album. A rather subtle song, with haunting lyrics. A bit rough on the vocals by chester but nonetheless the lyrics are beautiful...

telling me to go
but hands beg me to stay
your lips say that you love
your eyes say that you hate

there's truth in your lies
doubt in your faith
what you build you lay to waste
there's truth in your lies
doubt in your faith
all i've got is what you didn't take

so i won't be the one
be the one to leave this
in pieces
and you/ you will be alone
alone with all your secrets
your regrets
don't lie

kk, signing out now. Plans for the party are still in the midst of construction. But a clue to all those inquisitive pple. It wld be a party of sweet things under the naked moonlight. p.s thank you Claire for your enthusiasm and suggestions! *smilez*

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