feeling rotten

its over...

its strange to describe the range of emotions tt i've felt over the last 12 hrs. If i cld summarise it into short simple words, they would be perplexed, distressed, resigned, relief and ectasy. A while entired spectrum of human emotions covered in one day. That explains the tiredness. Or perhaps its the effects of post-exam syndrome. at least i can cut myself some slack for awhile. be a rather long time till my next sittings again.

Today marked the last of the 6 papers this semester. 6 terrible, digsuting and revolting papers. they irk me, eat into me and consume me. but i stuck it in.. with no goals, no mission plan watsoever. trust me, i knoe the results are gonna hurt. big time. but tts beside the point. never cry over spilt milk or in my case spilt coffee since i favor it to the former. so lets just say i'm chilled. ice cold...

after the paper today, went out with babe to watch enchanted the movie. a light hearted comedy more suited for kids though. But given the few remaining brain cells i had left in my head, i thought it wld be a smart choice. besides the movie was pretty hilarious at times, and the lead actress did manage to capture the innocence and naivity of her fictional character in fairy tales right into the character tt she played in real life. That to me was the whole highlight of the movie.
and as u knoe.. i wln't hesitate to put a carrie underwood music video here!!!

Following that, i and babe went down to pantry magic again to check out the ongoing kenwood promotions and i manage to get a mixer for myself! *woots*.. birthday present complimentary of Da-yi-ma, Er-yi and Popo. Thanks u all! lurve u guys to death! check her out.. ain't she gorgeous? ah...

totally adore the baby yellow... my fav color of all time...

by the way, in case u were wondering. i gave up the notion of getting a kitchen aid due to tis hefty prices and the better reviews tt i've accquired from the kenwood. Besides this beauty came at such a steal!!!! saying so, i still want a digital kitchen scale and a blow torch.. *grumbles*

also dropped by shermay's cooking school to get some valrhona chocolate. divine stuff i say. only the best if u wanna make the best stuff. hehe. there was a class going on at tt moment taught by shermay herself. xmas desserts! the aroma of egg nog wafting thru the kitchen was intoxicating...

orite, so home once again, it was back to more oven action. serving up orders! so glad i get to bake again. guess my fresh stock up of ingredients are gonna help towards my xmas bakes. oh!! gingerbread man cookie competition by baking bites... now tts a must join!

but for now, its time for the tired little gurl to head to the bed. Fatigue sets in. *yawnz*

all the best for ur paper tmr babe. Lurve ya...

I don't wanna hurt you
I don't wanna make you sway
Like I know I've done before
I will not do it anymore
I've always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I'm coming down
Won't you be my solid ground?

Sway -- The Perishers (a song tt has been playing on repeat mode on my playlist. thx bestie.)

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