Dear Lee Sihan,

We are pleased to inform that you have been shortlisted as a candidate for the IA progamme commencing in Jan next year.

However, we would like to provide some brief notes to you before hand so that you will know exactly what to expect as well as if you are still interested:.
1. Working location will be at Menlo Warehouse located at 60 Alps, Changi.
2. Scope of work : Logistics & warehouse distribution
3. Project: Integration processes, work with 3PL and any other assigned work

Let me know your interest soonest. Alternatively, you may want to share with me your attachement whilst at ST Aerospace so that we can allocate you similiar job scope, etc. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Mae Leong
Manager, Human Resource
Embraer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

News has arrived!!! after a long wait, i've gotten the news. Apparently i got my first choice of an interviewing company without an interview. But strangely, they are still doing interviews... according to Zhao ling. therefore i have reached the conclusion tt my job scope was never written on the list of choices. somehow it just appeared outta nowhere. Oh maybe it was created just for me!! (wishful thinking Sihan... *slaps herself back to reality*) I first had the impression that the head office of Embraer being in Orchard meant that the job was more of an office kind of job. But upon clarification with the human resource manager, it appears tt most students would assume tt work location is at orchard office. BUT NOOO! haha. (lesson learnt: as mummy often says, NEVER ASSUME!!!) Oh well, its still my first choice after all. So HELL YEH!.. Brazilian company, tt markets executive and private jets? no dealing with component repair? Sounds good enough for me.

on the downside, its miles away!!! Changi?!?! my gosh.. i'm gonna have to wake up reallie early again for the coming few months. Sad.. haha. i need ample rest and loads of shut-eye. Dun knoe how am i gonna adjust to tt. *bleah*.. but then again its a good learning opportunity. So Slp would have to be compromised. *sobz*

Spent time today with babe. we made a short visit to the zoo before its closing time. Sorrie babe for being late. Next time just get mad at me k.. its okie de... Photos will be uploaded tmr. now its time to catch some shut eye. Just hope mummy will come home soon, its getting late....

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