Strawberry tart with Diplomat Cream

Strawberry Tart with Diplomat Cream

Finally! i have mastered a beautiful tart base! woots. hehe.. all thanks to my drop dead gorgeous tart tray tt i purchased at pantry magic awhile back! *wee wee*!!! so happie. hehe. Okie.. so here's a clue going out to pple still struggling with ideas for my bdae gift (WARNING: it had better be something GOOD!!! and useful of coz!); get me anything from magic pantry! ramekin cups, cake stands, the rectangular tart tray... baking stuff! i wldn't mind getting some pie weights of coz. the heat is killing my rice... thus explaining the hard dry rice we've been consuming the past few dinners. hehe. Pray dun tell auntie nora; she blames herself for the outcome of the less than palatable rice. tee hee.. I just shrug and bite my tongue. *bleah*

my wish list a.k.a 'pamper me' list is featured at my side bar by the way. so do pls take a look!

oh yesh, back to the Strawberry tart. It turned out lovely! the buttery crust complimenting the vanilla scented diplomat cream tt i painstakingly prepared... the strawberries a lovely hue of red played up the light cream adding a bit of tang to the mixture and the scent of the slightly warmed mint leaves was heavenly. Now this totally rocked my day. *yumz*... however memories of the uber delicious lemon tart from corduroy and finch still lingers in my mind. gosh.. think i'll succumb to temptation soon. hehe. nothing beats a smooth, soury and yet sweet lemon curd sliding down ur throat... Aahh..
can't wait to be back in the kitchen once again. which reminds me tt bakes for SHF and cupcake hero are due soon. Gosh.. have to hurry up and get my act together or risk being touted a procrastinator once more. hehe.

still, plans for the party are coming together. Some invites have been made by the word of mouth. Official invites will be sent out soon once the theme and other details have been finalised. The theme however is causing me a HUGE major headache. PPLE! whatever the final theme turns out to be, pls try ur best to come according to the theme or the consequences would be severe and catastrophic. Trust me... u dun wanna see me when i get nasty...

oh and just for entertainments sake.. here's a reallie farnie video! hehe. hope it puts a smile on your face...

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