10 things tt made me happie

10 things tt made me happie.

1) Visiting the Zoo with Babedecided to pay my ex-favourite haunt a visit with Babe at the privilege of the friends of the zoo card which actually belongs to my mum. Free entry to the zoo! who cld deny tt. considering tt the tickets have risen to a steep price of $17 $22 (according to my most accurate sources) per head, tts good enough reason to go to the zoo already since we didn't have to pay a cent. *tee hee*

had a great time there albeit for the weird behavior i was exhibiting. Hey..dun blame me yar.. i'm one hell of a rollercoaster ride. U dun knoe what u've gotten urself into mister. MUAHAHA. *evil laughter*.. okie better stop tt alr before teddy comes over here and spank my butt. so back to the zoo, wat was i saying? gosh..my short term memory reallie sux to the core. so yesh, we did have an awful lot of fun at the zoo, despite the zoo keepers trying to chase us out at closing hours. But it was a whole interesting experience altogether. Glad tt I cld share one my ex-favourite haunts with my babe. Fyi, i worked there for a couple of weeks as a helper at the zoo. Tt was fun.. need i mention tt i got front row seats to a male giraffe in heat session. Gosh.. tt was plain R-rated. *haha*
so here are just some pics of the zoo and the lovely animals we took. Guess not so much of animals coz they appear to be more withdrawn and tired by the time the zoo approaches its closing hours. Perhaps they've ran outta of energy to make a stage presence for the visitors... oh well. as usual i totally adored the zebras. Monochrome.. how lovely is tt? then there are the lovely orang utans. In a certain manner, they scare me coz of their human-likeness. It felt lyke they were watching us instead of us watching them. Kinda hilarious in a way, but they reallie do display certain human-like actions and movements. Lurve the above photo too coz its lyke some huge family gathering with each and every monkey displaying a different character. How quaint!

last of all, the crocodile!!! RAWR! love those intimidating jaws of death. One moment it may be smiling at u with its upturned jaws and the next moment, u're its next dinner. *yikes*

2) Ben and Jerry's

now who cld resist digging into a cone of rich smooth ice-cream on a hot day? nothing can escape my sweet tooth. so of course when babe and i saw the ben and jerry's booth outside the zoo, we HAD to stop for some! YUMZ! strawberry cheesecake saves the day!


attended the long awaited cookie decorating class taught by the lovely Jocelyn Shu. finally got my hands on the techniques used in making such lovely cookies. And they wld make such incredibly gorgeous gifts with just a little packaging details. I would have to agree tt lots of time has to be invested into these little treasures. Labor intensive to the max, but it wldn't be considered much if its a labor of love right? haha.

Went to the class alone intially and ended up making frens with this lovely lady sitting next to me. We broke the ice after i found out that she was a air traffic controller working for the airforce. and guess wat? she was in the same batch as Mdm Michelle! haha. Now tt is reallie freakingly coincidental! haha. But oh while, she was a reallie nice lady and we did have loads of fun chatting. small world ain't it; i'm sure many of u guys shld alr knoe tt.

we learnt a to make a lucious lemon cookie dough as well as a fragrant gingerbread dough as the base of the cookie decorations. Those made perfectly gorgeous and yummy recipes on their own. And the decorations made them even more.. wait.. lets change tt too unbearably sweet too eat! (literally and aesthetically of course. haha)

photos courtesy of Jocelyn

and best part of it all was tt we got to take home a sample of the cookies. YAY! so here's mine. lovely pink christmas stocking, gingerbread snowflake and xmas tree!

4) my new purchases!

bought these at magic pantry! my lovely new silcon baking pan. Gosh.. stunning. and my shiny new tart tray. WAHA. check out the shines on my new babies (didn't manage to catch a pic of the tart tray though.)


thanks babe for allowing the opportunity to bake ur mum's bdae cake. Hope she lykes it, as for the other family members as well. The cake was my usual good ole chocolate cake and i chose tt coz i wanted something tt wld appeal to the universal tastebuds. Wldn't wanna sit through a dinner with a bunch of scowling faces tt have just set thru a horrible piece of cake did i? wahaha. So here goes!
one thing i love about it was the arrangement of dragees around the left section of the cake featuring mini angel wings.. hehe. i rather enjoyed the color scheme as well, something tt exhibited a certain level of maturity and yet still fun-loving... oh well, maybe gonna try some of the chocolate decorating techniques i've seen in this book tt i borrowed recently. they look severely intimidating, especially since i live in Singapore. With its humid and super high temps throughout the year, its impossibly difficult to work with chocolate. Dang!

kk, back to the point, i hope it goes down well with everyone! *cheers*

~to be continued in the next post..so pls stay tuned!~

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