Feast for some sore mugging eyes...

a tribute to all those hard-core muggers out there who need a break from the monotonous print on their notes. perhaps a little disorder and color will revive those senses!

chocolate cupcakes ordered by the Shu-en.
Request for as colorful as possible granted! hehe.
Credits going out to Babe who helped me decorate them. *=)*
Cupcakes for the Nov Babies.. awww.. how sweet!

Cupcakes meant for thank you gifts...

thx to the wonderful duo Gabriel and Jill for the wonderful dinner! Don't worrie, my write-up will be done soon! so keep on the look out! glad u guys liked the cupcakes!

More Cupcakes... with lovely green frosting... was planning on doing a duo frosting swirl but there just wasn't enough to go ard. So oh well.. haha.

hoped you lyke the surprise babe. =)

Orite Folks, so the new theme for November's cupcake hero has been posted by Laurie! CRANBERRIES!!! *Everybody screams then looks puzzled*..gosh, now tts gonna be a source of major headache. Fresh Cranberries are hard to find here in Singapore. Will dried cranberries do? hmph.. lets skip the norms or pairings with white chocolate and orange.. boring. now this one take a bit of brainstorming. Perhaps a little something salty wld accentuate the taste of the crimson red cranberry? well, we've just gotta see!

*yawn*.. was rudely awakened by mummy whistling at me.. gosh..gotta wake up to face some orders. hehe. systems check, ingredients check... BBQ in the afternoon! *woots*

i knoe i'm very random... shut up...

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